Blog: Partner Highlights

Kayla Berry, Museum of Science
A few NISE Net partner highlights from the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse events, activities, public outreach, scientific data collection, and more!
Deborah Staber, L.C. Bates Museum
Since early 2017, with the help of the NISE Net's Explore Science: Earth & Space toolkit , the L.C.Bates Museum introduced the solar eclipse science to thousands of people and distributed over 3,000 pairs of solar eclipse glasses. The solar...
Andrew Spence, Kentucky Science Center
On a scale only previously seen at our gala fundraiser and the Thunder over Louisville extravaganza, Kentucky Science Center’s team joined forces on August 21, 2017 to deliver eclipse programming to three sites: two in totality and one at our...
Kayla Berry, Museum of Science
The continental U.S. hasn't seen a total eclipse like this since 1918 and so NISE Network partners have been busily preparing for the upcoming August 21st solar eclipse for months. Some, along or near the path of totality, have even...
Barbie Buckner, Educator Professional Development Specialist
NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center’s Office of Education at the AERO Institute in Palmdale, California, has presented multiple solar eclipse workshops to regional educators to provide the resources needed to teach students about the first solar eclipse to be visible across all of North America in nearly 40 years.
By: Meagan Downey, Robinson Nature Center
Robinson Nature Center is a nature education facility in Columbia, MD whose mission is to facilitate the enjoyment and understanding of nature. Robinson includes a planetarium, dubbed the “NatureSphere” through which center staff interpret earth and space science concepts. Robinson was honored to receive a 2017 Explore Science: Earth & Space Toolkit to help patrons of the center discover phenomena studied by NASA in a whole new way.
By: Latongia Pepper, Roper Mountain Science Center
Roper Mountain Science Center welcomed over 2,200 visitors of all ages to Journey to Other Worlds for Space Day on March 11th. The Science Center partnered with organizations from across the Upstate to bring in interactive exhibits, stage shows, presentations, and hands-on activities to inspire, awe, and motivate visitors to LOOK UP and CATCH THE VISION of aviators and astronomers from the past, present, and future.
By: Liz Leahey, The Discovery Museums
Last spring, The Discovery Museums in Acton, Massachusetts, were thrilled to have the chance to participate in another successful NISE Net initiative as recipients of a Museum and Community Partnerships Explore Science: Zoom into Nano kit . Through the Zoom...
By: Meghan Schiedel, The Discovery
The Discovery , located in Reno, Nevada, sees an average of 700 visitors a day during spring break! As a recipient of the 2017 Explore Science: Earth & Space toolkit , The Discovery is advertising this valuable space programming with...

By: Lydia Evans, Joseph Moore Museum

Synthetic or real vanilla—which tastes better? Guests at the Joseph Moore Museum’s Building with Biology event had the opportunity to decide for themselves while learning about bioengineered food at the Bio Bistro station. After tasting cookies baked with synthetic or...