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20th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Vrylena Olney

The legislation prohibiting discrimination on the basis of disability was signed into law on July 26th twenty years ago.

The NISE Net has worked to create products that meet the needs of a diverse group of visitors, including people with and without disabilities, and through that work has developed universal design guidelines for both exhibits and public programs.  You can find the guides in the Tools and Guides section of the NISE Net catalog (/search/product_category/professional-development-27):

Call for Network-Wide Meeting Session Ideas

Vrylena Olney

We're in the early planning stages for our Network-Wide Meeting, scheduled for October 26 - 28 in San Francisco, and we want to hear from you. 

2010 Kavli Price in Nanoscience

Vrylena Olney

The Kavli Prize recently announced their 2010 winners, and Don Eigler of IBM's Almaden Research Centre and Nadrian Seeman of New York University won in the nanoscience category.  Eigler was the first person to move an individual atom in a controlled way, and Seeman is "the founding father of structural DNA nanotechnology."  You can read more about the scientists' work in the attached Kavli award explanatory notes.

MRS Fall Meeting: Call for Papers

Vrylena Olney


Our partners from the Materials Research Society passed the following message on to me-- they're looking for papers and presenters for an Educational Symposium at the Fall 2010 MRS Meeting. -VO