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Public Impacts: Use of NISE Net Products Year 4 Summative Evaluation

Report date: October, 2009



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General Description: 

This study looks specifically at the activities of the Tier I, II and III institutions as a way of determining whether it is likely that NISE Net will have an impact on the public through the NSET public outreach activities of those institutions. The main question driving this study is the following: To what extent is NISE Net reaching the public through the different tiers of the Network? This study presents preliminary findings from the Study 2 investigation, looking specifically at the actions of the professionals who have come into contact with NISE Net (including those who have attended conference sessions, signed-up for, attended the NISE Net annual meeting, and signed-up for NanoDays) and whether those professionals are delivering programs to the public that are likely to have an impact on public awareness and understanding of NSET.

Major Findings: 

• Professionals from Tier I, II and III institutions conduct nano programs/exhibits
• Nano public outreach activities are still not widespread outside of NanoDays
• NISE Net developed programs account for about half of all public outreach activities in the Network
• NISE Net products are being modified by Tier II and III institutions prior to use Nano programs delivered cover a range of topics; some more widely covered than others
• Nano is delivered through a range of formats; some more widely used than others