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Alice in Nanoland 2010 Formative Evaluation

Report date: August, 2010



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General Description: 

The Science Museum of Minnesota’s Theater Department developed the book and storytelling play “Alice in Nanoland” for younger museum audiences. The age range for the story were 4-7 year olds, as the actors stated, “This program is best suited for 7 year olds and younger.” Through the spring and summer of 2010, the actors have performed the show on the museum’s floor for formative evaluation testing. Eighteen pairs of parent and child surveys and interviews were collected to assess how well the program was conveying information about nanoscience and nanotechnology to the younger visitors and their parents

Major Findings: 

Overall, children enjoy the story and parents find the story as interesting and engaging for both themselves and their children.

“Alice in Nanoland” is still undergoing modifications. The actors found the length of the story to be too long for holding visitors’ attention on the museum floor, and they are now working to shorten the length of the piece. The Theater Department has also decided to create additional images for book, as the story does not yet seem to be supported through the five pictures already in use.

These changes will help further engage young audiences, and may help them take the bigger steps of imagining both the nanoscale and the story. These changes may also facilitate child visitors retaining more information about nanoscale science and technology.

Type of product(s) studied: 

  • Program

Method(s) of data collection: 

  • interviews
  • surveys


Sarah Cohn

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