Making Molecular Movies with QSTORM


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Making Molecular Movies with QSTORM
Making Molecular Movies with QSTORM


“Making Molecular Movies with QSTORM” is a public presentation that details the on-going interdisciplinary research project of a group of scientists/engineers who are collaborating to make a breakthrough in biological imaging. They are trying to make movies of the molecular machinery at work inside living cells at a greater resolution than ever before. The presentation introduces the four scientists/engineers involved in this research effort, details the limitations of current technology and imaging challenge they face, and introduces the unique approaches they are pursuing in their quest to make this imaging breakthrough. This program seeks to show nanoscale science and engineering research as a human story, and an on-going endeavor – this research project is a work-in-progress, where the outcome is not certain. The presentation uses a variety of metaphors, analogies, models, imagery, props and demonstrations to help visitors understand this complex research project.


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History and nature of science: 

K-4: Science as a human endeavor
5-8: Nature of science
5-8: Science as a human endeavor
9-12: Nature of scientific knowledge
9-12: Science as a human endeavor

Life science: 

K-4: Characteristics of organisms
5-8: Structure and function in living systems
9-12: The cell

Physical science: 

K-4: Light, heat, electricity, and magnetism

Science and Technology: 

K-4: Abilities of technological design
K-4: Abilities to distinguish between natural objects and objects made by humans
K-4: Understanding about science and technology
5-8: Abilities of technological design
5-8: Understanding about science and technology
9-12: Abilities of technological design
9-12: Understanding about science and technology

Science as inquiry: 

K-4: Understanding about scientific inquiry
5-8: Understanding about scientific inquiry
9-12: Understanding about scientific inquiry

Science in Personal and Social Perspectives: 

K-4: Science and technology in local challenges
5-8: Science and technology in society
9-12: Science and technology in local, national, and global challenges


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