Online Brown-Bag: How to Host a National Chemistry Week Event (Recorded)

National Chemistry Week is the annual community event of the American Chemical Society (ACS). This year's National Chemistry Week theme is "The Sweet Side of Chemistry - Candy", showcasing the chemistry involved in candy and confections. In this online brown-bag conversation, presenters introduced National Chemistry Week, shared NISE Net activities that have a candy connection, demonstrated how to make edible gummy capsules, and explained the chemistry behind these sweet activities.

Properties of Fluids (Middle and High School curriculum lesson)

This lab explores the properties of water flow. This inquiry-based lab consists of 2 sections: the Guided Lab Activity and the Going Further (research) portion. The guided lab activity, performed on the first day, is designed to help students observe and understand the way fluids interact with a stationary phase for example, chromatography paper. As the students do their guided lab activity, they will be responsible for generating a minimum of three questions related to the lab activity that would require further research.

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