A Brief History of Nanotechnology screenshot

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A Brief History of Nanotechnology pop-up video (ABC Australia Little Wonders Videos)

A Brief History of Nanotechnology: Over the past decade, tinkering with tiny things has become seriously big business. This pop-up animation by Daniel Keogh helps put nanotechnology in perspective. (1:27)

More ABC Australia films include:

Golden Bullet: (6:09) Gold nanoparticles of various shapes and sizes are proving to useful in medicine, including in the treatments of cancer. Billions of gold 'nanoshells' are infused into the bloodstream to carry proteins that seek out tumours, and once inside, destroy them with heat...


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Nanoparticles and Brain Tumors and Nano Startup online games

Nano Start Up is a science game for students (kids) in grades 5 – 8 to research and develop a business plan for a nano particle.

Nanoparticles and Brain Tumors is a series of videos and online activities for students in grades 10 – 12 and early college to develop a nanoparticle and explore its properties, and apply nanoparticle technology to assist in virtual brain surgery. Includes teacher guide and glossary.


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