A repository for teaching materials managed by the National Center for Learning and Teaching (NCLT) focusing on nanoscale science and engineering education (NSEE).

NanoBuzz online puzzle games

NanoBuzz is a web-based kiosk featuring exhibit-ready access to current nanoscale science, technology and engineering and emerging research in the news. Website includes four online puzzle games: Help assemble the carbon nanotubes, Help filter the water, Try to find the nanoparticle, and Test your nanotech memory.

NanoZone Website

The NanoZone is both a website and a permanent exhibition at UC Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science. The website includes links to games, videos, and activities for families and children, as well as professional resources for teachers and museum educators.

Dragonfly TV-Nano

DragonflyTV Nano showcases kids conducting inquiry-based investigations, aided by science museums and university research labs nationwide. The DragonflyTV Nano series presents the "big ideas" in nanoscience and nanotechnology The accompanying website provides links to online games and activities, in-depth educator guides, and episode synopses.

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