Surface Area - stage presentation

This is a large group version of the Surface Area program. In this interactive stage presentation, audience members are measured in nanometers and demonstrate the effectiveness of "nano" silver in killing germs. Other highlights include a fireball that starts and ends the show. Visitors learn that nanoparticles behave differently, in part because they have a high surface area to volume ratio.

Nanosilver: Breakthrough or Biohazard?

“Nanosilver: Breakthrough or Biohazard?” is a public presentation which introduces audiences to the increasingly frequent use of silver nanoparticles in consumer products. During the presentation, visitors are guided through questions such as: What is nanosilver? Why is it used in consumer products such as teddy bears and food containers? How safe is nanosilver, and how might it affect the environment?

Big Fish, Little Fish

Big Fish, Little Fish is a cart demo that can also be used as a classroom activity that focuses on what biomagnification is and how it happens in our ecosystems. Visitors will see a short visual demonstration followed by an interactive game.

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