Forms of Carbon

“Forms of Carbon” is a cart demo that demonstrates how the nanoscale arrangement of atoms dramatically impacts a material’s macroscale behavior. Visitors learn about the structure and properties of four different forms of carbon. During the program, visitors interact with models of four different forms of carbon. Visitors also observe the conductivity of graphite (using a simple circuit and an everyday pencil) and the hardness of diamond (using a diamond scribe to cut glass).

Scientific Image - Singlewalled Nanotube Paper

A bundle of singlewalled nanotubes processed into a thin sheet is shown in this scanning electron microscope image. Singlewalled nanotubes are extremely important in the continuing miniaturization of electronic devices. These tubes have an average diameter of 1-2 nm. Their electrical properties have led to their investigation as super capacitors for storing electrical charges.

• SIZE: The thickness of the sheet is about 50 µm.

• IMAGING TOOL: Scanning electron microscope

Scientific Image - Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Yarn

Nanoscale fibers drawn from multiwalled carbon nanotubes have strengths comparable to spider silk. Replacing metal wires in electronic textiles with these super-strong yarns could lead to important new functionalities, such as the ability to actuate (as an artificial muscle) and to store energy (as a fiber super-capacitor or battery).

• SIZE: The yarn's diameter is about 1 µm. The nanotubes from which it is being drawn are each about 10 nm in diameter.

• IMAGING TOOL: Scanning electron microscope

Exploring Nano & Society - Space Elevator

"Exploring Nano & Society - Space Elevator" is a open-ended conversational experience in which visitors imagine and draw what a space elevator might look like, what support systems would surround it, and what other technologies it might enable. Conversation around the space elevator lead visitors to explore how technologies and society influence each other and how people’s values shape the ways nanotechnologies are developed and adopted.

Nanotube Models

“Nanotube Models” is a facilitated tabletop program aimed at educating the public about the properties and applications of carbon nanotubes. Visitors will be able to use Molecular Visions model kits to build carbon nanotubes. The models can be started by museum staff and added onto by visitors, or pre-built to be used as a display. The models can also be accompanied by other NISE Net programs that focus on carbon nanotubes to increase the engagement and enhance the models.

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