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Nanotechnology Summer Camp (Ages 8 - 10) - Framework

This is a framework for a summer camp for campers aged 8 - 10 years. Campers learn about nanoscale science and engineering through hands-on activities. The framework can be delivered in 5 half-day (1.5 – 2 hour) sessions. Alternately, the sessions do not have to be delivered consecutively. The first session (Intro to Science and Technology on the Nanoscale) can be used on its own or paired with any of the other four sessions.

High School Nanotechnology Summer Camp Framework

This program describes a weeklong summer camp for high school students. The camp does not assume any previous knowledge of the field and thus is open to students from all backgrounds. It is hands‐on; application based and also gives a broad overview to nanoscience/nanotechnology as a field with many career opportunities. Students are able to gain a comprehensive understanding through activities that introduce them to the unique

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