Nano & Society Posters

The "Nano & Society" poster series provide an entry point for exploring the relationship between nanotechnology and society. They can be displayed on their own, used to spark an open-ended conversation, or paired with suggested activities.

SustainABLE kit

The SustainABLE online kit contains digital copies of everything you you'll need to host your own Sustainability in Science Museums event. Kit contents include planning, marketing and orientation materials, printable banners and poster, and background materials, activity guides and facilitator guides for the hands-on SustainABLE activities. All files are downloadable individually or packaged together in zip format.

Systems Scramble

This sustainability activity is meant to promote conversation about how systems work, and how we can work together to better understand systems and work toward creating a more sustainable future. Players will actively move around the activity space, figuring out their place in a system, and reevaluating as the system changes. This game it works especially well with camp or school groups. You need at least 8 players for this game, but you can modify it to play with fewer people.

Future Builder

The Future Builder sustainability activity challenges visitors to build a tower representing a future community. Each card presents the players with a new part of their community to build—a school, park, gas station, museum, or something else—each with its own cost and reward. But players must balance their resources and construction carefully, meeting the needs of people, the planet, and the economy . . . or their community might be in for a crash!

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