Dye Sensitized (Raspberry Juice) Solar Cell, photo by Rashmi Nanjundaswamy for NISE Network

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Dye Sensitized (Raspberry Juice) Solar Cell

Dye Sensitized (Raspberry Juice)Solar Cells is a hands-on activity adapted for classroom by UW MRSEC. This solar cell was invented by Michael Grätzel and Brian O'Regan at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in 1991. They are also known as Grätzel cells. In this activity students build a dye-sensitized solar cell using nanocrystalline titanium dioxide and raspberry juice. They then test the response of these solar cells to light (overhead projector or sun light). They also explore the effects of different 'dyes' on the performance of the solar cell.


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Exploring Products - Sunblock (NanoDays 2011 and 2012)

"Exploring Products - Sunblock" is a hands-on activity comparing sunblock containing nanoparticles to ointment. Visitors learn how some sunblocks that rub in clear contain nanoparticles that block harmful rays from the sun.

"Explore Science - Zoom info Nano Invisible Sunblock" (2016) version designed for groups and community outreach.


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