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NISE Network Guide - Nano Exhibition: Creating a Small-Footprint Exhibition with Big Impact

This guide provides an overview of the Nano exhibition created by the NISE Network. The April 2015 document describes the exhibition and summarizes the unique dissemination model of distributing 93 copies of this small footprint mini-exhibition to locations throughout the United States. The guide content focuses on STEM learning and engagement, best practices in exhibition design, and impacts on museum audiences.

Exhibitionist Journal article - Nano: Creating an Exhibition that is Inclusive of Multiple and Diverse Audiences

This article appeared in Fall 2015 issue of the Exhibitionist, a journal of reflective practice published by the National Association for Museum Exhibition (NAME), a Professional Network of the American Alliance of Museums (AAM). This article first appeared in Exhibitionist (Fall 2016) Vol. 34 No. 2, and is reproduced with permission.

Online Brown-Bag: Universal Design of Programs Workshop Follow-Up (Recorded)

This is a recording of a NISE Network online brown-bag conversation held in 2013 and is a follow-up for those who participated in the Universal Design workshop held in July of 2013. Participants will explore what some institutions have done to make their educational programs more universally designed, and have a chance to discuss lessons learned as they implement universal design in their own institution. Presented by: Anna Lindgren-Streicher of the Museum of Science, Boston and Scott Pattison of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Universal Design of Educational Programs Workshop Resources

Hosted in July 2013 by the Museum of Science, Boston, the Universal Design of Educational Programs workshop was intended for museum educators who develop and conduct educational programs or train those who do. Invited workshop participants had a hands-on opportunity to apply NISE Net's universal design guidelines to a current NISE Net program and collect feedback on their progam from people with disabilities using the Team-Based Inquiry approach. Included here are the powerpoint slides, handouts, and other resources from the workshop.

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