angle of incidence

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Changing Colors

Changing Colors is an interactive exhibit that shows how some high-tech nanomaterials mimic natural phenomena. Super-small, light-reflecting structures—instead of pigments—on the wings of some butterflies create intense, iridescent colors. Nanoscientists have replicated this effect with layered, super-thin films. Watch the colors change on butterfly wings and thin-film slides as you move them beneath a light source, and discover how nanoscale structures can manipulate light and create color. Butterfly specimens deteriorate with heavy use, and may need to be replaced periodically.


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Understanding Waveguides (Middle and High School curriculum lesson)

This lesson is a three part uinit which helps students explore angle of incidence, anle of refraction, and how light is transmitted through a waveguide for communication. The students can either do a guided inquiry or an independent inquiry. Part 1) Refraction tank. Part 2) Gelatin Waveguide. Part 3) Optical Fibers


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