Seeing Nano apps and resources

SeeingNano, a consortium funded by the European Union (EU) has developed two mobile phone applications: the SeeingNano app and the NanoScopic Memory app, and group activities: the Memory, the Profiler and the Origami.

• SeeingNano App: The SeeingNano app uses augmented reality. To use it, simply download and print the SeeingNano Markers. Point your camera at the image and move your device forward; you can now dive to see the at the nanoscale on the surface of a car engine piston, in an LCD screen and observe self-organising peptides reparing a tooth.

Buckyball Origami

This activity from Science Alberta guides you through the process of making a complex buckyball shape out of origami paper. Their educational website, wonderville.ca, has additional activities, videos, games, and comics.

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