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Ainissa G. Ramirez, PhD, received her training in materials science and engineering from Stanford University (PhD) and Brown University (ScB). Her research focuses on the development of thin film NiTi shape memory alloys for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Before joining the faculty at Yale University in 2003, she worked as a member of the technical staff at Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies in Murray Hill, NJ, for 4 years. At Bell Labs, she developed an advanced solder that can bond directly to glass and ceramics, for which MIT awarded her with the Tech Review's TR100, a list of the top 100 young innovators (in 2003). Currently, this technology is commercialized by Adhera Technologies (, for which she serves as technical advisor.

Ainissa is dedicated to sharing the joy of materials, process and creativity with students of all ages. You can find her work at Material Marvels ( . At Yale, she is the founder of the award-winning science lecture series for children called Science Saturdays (

In 2012, she spoke at TED about the importance of STEM education.

Recently, she has authored an ebook with TED Books called Save Our Science, which discusses how to inspire the next generation.


Nanoscale phenomena, Data visualization, Technology tools and applications, Societal implications, Envisioning the future

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