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Alex Fiorentino


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I'm a relative newbie in the world of nano, having recently joined the Museum of Science as an Education Associate. Before that, I spent my days studying molecular biology and my nights eating Wawa sandwiches at Princeton University.

At the Museum of Science I spend much of my time developing and presenting public programs in nanoscale science and engineering. I also collaborate with researchers at Northeastern University, The University of Massachusetts at Lowell and Harvard University in an effort to bridge the gap between scientists and the public. Other things I'm likely to be doing on a given workday include planning MOS's 2009 NanoDays celebration, stage managing the Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show, hosting guest presenters and scientists, and doing occasional cablecasts and podcasts.

Bonus fact: I once shared a dance with Richard Dreyfuss's girlfriend, Svetlana. Richard was also present, but I didn't dance with him.


Nanoscale phenomena, Technology tools and applications, Health and medicine, Energy

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