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Christine Roman


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Christine Roman is Associate Director, Emerging Technologies, at the Saint Louis Science Center, where she oversees all exhibits, programs, grants and collaborations related to emerging technologies. She was Co-Principal Investigator for the $2M NSF-funded Mississippi RiverWeb Museum Consortium that created the Digital River Basin, an innovative, immersive and interactive exhibit environment that enables visitors to explore data collected for the Upper Mississippi River Basin.

Current initiatives include direction of the Cyberville Gallery, management of community-wide FIRST Robotics programs and collaborations, oversight of NSF-funded nanotechnology exhibits, and collaborations on new technologies and public understanding of research. Dr. Roman joined the Science Center in 1990, where she has led development of numerous exhibits, including Saint Louis Science Center: 20th Anniversary; Space and Popular Culture gallery; Mental Health: Your Brain Matters; Science of Craft; Liberty Bell 7: St. Louis Connection; renovated Infomachines gallery; and Cyberville gallery.


Data visualization, Technology tools and applications, Information technology, Societal implications, Envisioning the future

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