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Darrell Porcello, PhD, is the Director of the Center for Technology Innovation at UC Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science. His interest in partnering with NISE stems from his experience in developing 1) nanoZone, a nanotechnology museum exhibit and educational website that introduces 8 to 14 year-olds to examples of nanotechnology research and concepts of size and scale, 2), a website to explore the ethical and societal ramifications of nanotechnology based on three Socratic debates produced by Fred Friendly Seminars, and 3) K-12 eduction and outreach efforts of the Center of Integrated Nanomechanical Systems (COINS) at UC Berkeley.

Darrell is also leading a new NSF-funded effort to create the Science and Math Informal Learning Educators (SMILE) Pathway that will offer an online collection of materials, activities, and value-added services for science museums, afterschool programs, homeschoolers, and other informal education professionals.

Darrell received his PhD in Neuroscience from Stanford University in 2003.


Nanoscale phenomena, Data visualization, Technology tools and applications, Societal implications, Careers in nano, Envisioning the future

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