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Gamal Ahmed


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Gamal S. Ahmed,
PhD in Curriculum and methods of teaching,
Cairo University, Egypt.
Member of AEEA, South Africa and
Tsinghua University, China
Author in IGI Global, USA and
STM journal, India.
Skybe ID: gamal-allam


Name: Gamal S. Ahmed Allam
Date of Birth: 05/12/1963. GHR. Egypt.
Skybe ID: Gamal-allam
Phone: 00201221954302 Egypt
Published Researches

1- 2- Gamal S. Ahmed; Modern Concepts in the Curriculum and the Teaching of Nanotechnology. Accepted paper for publishing in International Journal of Communication and Information Technology Education, IJICTE, Issue. 31, Vol.8, Sep, 2012, IGI Global, Hershey PA 17033-1240, USA.

2- Gamal S. Ahmed, The Effective Relationships between Machine Learning and Nanotechnology Education, 2011 World Congress on Engineering and Technology – CET 2011.", Paper ID: 23086, Shanghai, China,

3- Gamal S. Ahmed; Nanotechnology Education, Paper ID 6301151, Accepted to the Scientific Research Publishing, Creative Education Journal, USA.

4- Gamal S. Ahmed Allam, "The Effectiveness of Nanotechnology Module on the Achievement and Attitudes towards Study of Pharmacy for Students at the College of Pharmacy. (Comparative Research Proposal at Cairo University and Sullivan University) Paper Presented for the Fourth Annual Nanotechnology Symposium, Sullivan University, College of Pharmacy, Sep 23-24, 2011, United States.

5- Gamal S. Ahmed Allam: Effectiveness of e-Learning Process and Design of E-Learning Environments, Paper Published during " the 2nd International Conference in E-learning and Distance Learning, Riyadh, KSA, 22-25 Feb. 2011.
6- Gamal S. Ahmed Allam, The Theory and Practice of E-learning, Effectiveness of e-Learning Process and Design of E-Learning Environments, Journal of Computer Technology & Applications, 2011, Vol. 2, No. 1, pp: 41-59. (STM Journal, India:

7- Gamal S. Ahmed Allam: The Effectiveness of Nanotechnology Energy Education on Attainment of Renewable Energy Objectives for Sharjah University Students, Sharjah International Conference on Nuclear and renewable Energy (SHJ-NRE11), "Energies for the 21st century", April 3-5, 2011. Sharjah, UAE.
8- Gamal S. Ahmed Allam: Effectiveness of Information , Communication and Technology (ICT) on Training Technologies Achievement to the Trainers Preparation Institute Students, and Their Attitudes Towards Study, The Third Forum of the Technological Learning & Managerial Training, the Technical College of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 1429.
9- Gamal S. Ahmed Allam: Effectiveness of the Microteaching Seasons and Computer Program on Improvement of Teaching Skills to the Biology Students Department in Faculty of Education, October 6 University , (ECCI), Studies in Curriculum & Instruction, Egypt, 2005,No.108,PP.83-136.
10-Gamal S. Ahmed Allam: "Using Field Trips in Informal Education to Achieve the Educational Objectives for the Kindergarten Stage". Egyptian Council for Reading &Knowledge, Journal of Reading and Knowledge, Egypt, 2004, No.37, PP. 53-101.
11 - Gamal S. Ahmed Allam: "Analysis Study of Science Laboratory Exercises to the Agricultural Secondary School Books According to Inquiring Skills", Egyptian Council for Curriculum Instruction (ECCI),Studies in Curriculum &Instruction, Egypt, 2003,No.86,PP.19-45.
12-Gamal S. Ahmed Allam: Papers Presented to the Annual Arab Conferences &Forums of the Learning, Training, Culture and Humanity Development, Some of Countries, Egypt, Libya and Saudi Arabia as well as China, 2004-2010.

Educational Expériences.
PhD in Education (Curricula &Methods of Teaching Dept) Educational Studies Institute, Cairo University, 2001, Supervisor Prof .Dr.Fathi AL-Deeb.
Achieving the Research and Training Program on "Education & Management for African Countries", China AEEA Program, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, from 26 Nov 2009 to 16 Dec 09
Associate Professor of Education, Member of Curricula and Teaching Methods Seminar and Environmental Activities Trainer. Educational Studies Institute – Cairo University, 2001-2003.
Associate Professor of Curricula, Methods of Science Teaching, Teachers Education Program Supervisor and Microteaching Seasons. Faculty of Education – October 6 University, EGYPT, 2001 -2004.
Assistant Professor of Technologies Training, Training Methods, Micro Training, E-Learning and Educational Psychology. The Trainees Preparation Institute – EL-Gabal EL-Garby University, LIBYA, 2004-2007.
Assistant Prof. of Educational Research, Education & Management Training Programs, Tabuk' Educational Administration for Men and Private Institute, Saudi Arabia 2007-2009.
Assistant Prof. of Education, Research, Training and Humanity Development, Arab and some International Universities and Institutes, 09-2011.
Abu Simble Temple, Aswan, Egypt.
Training Experiences
1-Participated with the Ministry of Management Development "Al-Motamisoon 2010" developing both Management and Humanity Concepts, as Cooperation with Ministry of Foreign Affaires, 2010, Egypt.
2-Achieved the Research and Training Program on " Education & Project Management for African Countries", China AEEA Program, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, from 26 Nov 2009 to 16 Dec 09 .
3-Participated with the EU Instrument for democracy & human Rights Session, 2-3 May, 2011, Cairo, Egypt.
4-Authoring the Training Book, "Falling of the Management Systems": Theory and Practice, "Jeddah, KSA, 2008.
5-Effectiveness of Technological Training on Communication Skills Development, National Institute of Management, Tripoli, Libya, 2007.
6-Educational Training Program" "Planning for Learning & Teaching." Tabuk Educational' Administration, KSA, 1428.
Publications for the
Universities and Conferences.
1- Preparation University Courses and Books. For examples, Methods of Teaching, Instructional Technology, Technologies &Methods of the Training and Microteaching, Basic Concepts in Managerial Training as well as Educational Psychology, October 6 University(Egypt), Al-Gabal Al-Garby University(Libya) and King Saud University(Saudi Arabia) 2001–2007.
2-Incorboration of the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) to Technical Education Development, Paper Presented to the Technical Education Conference, Higher Institute of Engineering, Gofrah (Libya) 2006.
3-The Contemporary Approach of the Distance Learning, International Conference in Distance Learning (North Carolina University), Dubai, by Corresponding, Jun. 2008.
4-Effectiveness of the Self Learning Approach for Educational Objectives Attainment to the Preparatory Year Students, King Saudi University, Presented to Center of Performance Improvement for Training, PIC, (Riyadh) 1430\2009.
Participated with IGI Global Online Symposium (IGI Global is an internationally recognized publishing company specializing in high quality, innovative publications of an interdisciplinary nature) USA.
Specialist of Preparation &Broadcasting of Media Programs, ARAB Media Institutes, Processing the Education, Culture, Media, Management and Humanity Development Concepts and Issues, for example; Educational Nile Channels, Al- Ahram Institute for Journalism and Lebanon TV Team work, 2002-2007.
Expert of the Preparation, Analysis and Evaluation of the Writing, Audio and Video Texts for Making Special Judgments, According to the experience of the International Media Institutes, 2004-2009.
Memberships & Participations with
Institutions and Universities.
Author in "Journal of Computer Technology & Applications", STM journal, India - Tsinghua University, Beijing, China – Scientific Research Publishing, USA - Infomaworld, – IGI Global, USA - African Engineering Education Association (AEEA), South Africa – Linkedin - African Scientists Platform.
King Fahd University Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) KSA- ARAB Thought Institute – Arab Council for Childhood and Development – International Symposium in Technology Transfer & Innovation Management , King Saudi University, Saudi Arabia (KSA).
The Third Forum for the Technological Learning & Managerial Training, the Technical College of Jeddah , KSA- Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI), Jeddah KSA –– The Arab Council for Education Technology ,(ACET) Egypt - The Egyptian Council for Curricula Instruction (ECCI) – Egyptian Council for Reading & Knowledge, Egypt.
International groups that based in LinkedIn, ITEEA educators, National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education, American Educational Research Association, Especial Educators Corners, National Communication Association, Engineering Faculty, STEM Educators & Researchers and North American Case Research Association,
EU instrument for democracy and human rights, EURO-Mediterranean human rights network.
1-Professor; Mohamed Abdel-Gafar (Dean of the faculty of education, October 6 University, Cairo, Egypt). Tel: 0020123464762.
2-Professor; Shi Jinghunan (Executive dean, institute of education, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China). Tel: 6975434o (H) 62771475(O)
3-Professor; Zola Mbanguta (Past Chair: UNESCO science commission, South Africa). E-mail: Cell: +27 76 253 9904.
Dr. Bryan mark S. (PhD in social sciences, New York University, USA, +19174001934,


Nanoscale phenomena, Technology tools and applications, Information technology, Societal implications, Safety

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