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Martin Weiss is VP, Science, at the New York Hall of Science. His PhD research on the cell biology and biochemistry of the malarial protozoan Plasmodium falciparum led to further research in microbial biochemistry before he joined the Hall of Science in 1989. At the Hall of Science, he has been responsible for developing a variety of exhibitions and outreach programs including: What About AIDS? and The Changing Face of Women's Health (with the NAEC); the Biochemistry Discovery Lab, a space where visitors do experiments related to molecules; a microbiology exhibition, Hidden Kingdoms: The World of Microbes; The Microlab Institute, an NSF/HHMI teacher training program in microbiology; and Marvelous Molecules: the Secret of Life exhibition. The NSF-funded exhibition, The Search for Life Beyond Earth, opened in November 2004, focusing on how what we know about life on Earth is fueling our search for life in our universe. Currently he is leading the development of Molecules and Health, an NIH exhibition about the molecules involved in health and illness. He is a 2002 recipient of the Mayor of the City of New York's Excellence in Science and Technology Award for Public Education in Science.

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