NISE Network mini-grants

The NISE Network is making available a limited number of small stipends to support initiatives by NISE Net partners to engage their local audiences in nanoscale science, engineering, and technology topics. Below is a list of the mini-grant projects funded by NISE Net.

Eligible projects needed to fit into at least one of three categories:

  1. New efforts to integrate nano into existing programming,
  2. New efforts to reach new or traditionally underserved audiences with nano programming (including partnerships between museums and community organizations or diversity-serving organizations), or
  3. New partnerships between museums and nano researchers.

NISE Network Year 6 (2010-2011), Year 7 (December 2011-August 2012), Year 8 (December 2012-August 2013), and Year 9 (December 2013-August 2014) mini-grants are listed below. The application for the Year 10 (December 2014-August 2015) mini-grants will be available in Fall 2014. To learn more, refer to last year's application materials: 2014 Mini-grant program overview and application information.

Institution Location Region Short description Long description Integrate nano? Scientist-museum partnerships? New or under-served audiences?sort icon Contact Project year
Buffalo Museum of Science
Buffalo, NY Northeast Nanotechnology Hall Created a 700 sq. ft. hallway with rotating hands-on activities and information about nanotechnology. Yes Douglas Borzynski Year 6
Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN Midwest Teacher Workshop Developed a workshop for middle school teachers related to nano. Partnered with a nanoscale science researcher to help present content. Yes Becky Wolfe Year 6
Children's Museum of Science and Technology
Troy, NY Northeast Add Nano to Exhibits Incorporated information about nanotechnology into existing exhibits. Placed nano buttons on exhibit floor to highlight nano topics in the gecko cages, the solar house, the butterfly house, and more. Develop a nano brochure for visitors. Created a nano scavenger hunt for school field trips. Yes Sarah Fisk Year 6
Don Harrington Discovery Center
Armarillo, TX South Summer Camp Created a nano summer camp for 5th and 6th graders. Yes Mandi Ried Year 6
Duluth Children's Museum
Duluth, MN Midwest Add Nano to Programs Added nanoscience to many regular programs. Made connection with local universities. Yes Yes Mary Davis Year 6
Edgerton Explorit Center
Aurora, NE Midwest 1 day of nano in summer camps NO REPORT YET Chase Beyer Year 6
Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
Fort Worth, TX South Cool Science Week Added nano to annual "Cool Science Week" program. Brought in a guest scientist to host a small demonstration/workshop, be interviewed on a local NPR affiliate station, and present an evening lecture for older audiences. Yes Aaron Pan Year 6
Lied Discovery Children's Museum
Las Vegas, NV Southwest Staff/Intern Training Provided professional development trainings for staff and interns on nano content and NanoDays kit activities. As a result of training, facilitated nano demonstrations are done daily on museum floor. Adapted and implemented activities for children five and younger. Yes Tifferney White Year 6
Long Island Children's Museum
Garden City, NY Northeast Theater Show and Workshop Presented The Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show and held a workshop on the science of the super small with hands-on experiments and discussions focused on innovations in nanotechnology. Yes Stacey Lee Year 6
Oklahoma WONDERtorium
Stillwater, OK South Classroom Programs Creating three classroom programs that include nano content: "Sand ROCKS!" for 3rd grade students, "Itsy Bitsy Eensy Weensy Science" for 4th grade students, and "Plant Virus Exploration" for 5th grade students. Yes Ruth Calvins Year 6
Palouse Discovery Science Center
Pullman, WA West Hands-on Display, Add Nano to Programs Created a hands-on display entitled the NanoCorner with a designated area for nano exploration. NanoDays kit items have been incorporated into the PDSC's "Self-Service Science Room." Yes Victoria Scalise Year 6
Port Discovery
Baltimore, MD Mid-Atlantic Nano Cart Created three carts showcasing nano activities and trained volunteers/interns to implement the activities. Created a number of additional exhibit components and activities to augment the nano mini-exhibition. Yes Yes Nora Moynihan Year 6
Science Center of Iowa
Des Moines, IA Midwest Library Outreach Developed "Our Small World," a nanoscience outreach program for libraries designed to align with the 2011 Collaborative Reading Program theme of "One World, Many Stories." Developed new partnership with a professor at Iowa State University's Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. Yes Yes Joe Schwanebeck Year 6
Science Factory Children's Museum
Eugene, OR West Summer Camp Created a week-long, half-day summer camp entitled "Nanotechnology in Our World." Camp included a trip to the labs at the University of Oregon. Yes Yes Nick Spicher Year 6
St Louis Science Center
Saint Louis, MO Midwest Nano Exhibit Prototype Used funds to prototype and evaluation an exhibit to introduce visitors to nanotechnology. Worked closely with area university nano scientists and graduate students. Exhibit will be completed with other funds and placed in their revised Nano Center. Yes Yes Christine Roman Year 6
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ Mid-Atlantic Kinesthetic motions activity Developing an activity relating to the structure of the atom using kinesthetic motions and nanoscale science content to help students "act out the components of the atom." Yes Daniel Steinberg Year 7
Delaware Museum of Natural History
Wilmington, DE Mid-Atlantic Kits tailored to ages 2-12 Making nanoscience a part of daily programming through the development of eight nanoscience kits on four themes, tailored to ages 2-12 and used with Scout programs, day camps, classes and in the "Nature Nook" hands-on area of the museum. Yes Paula Holloway Year 7
Da Vinci Science Center
Allentown, PA Mid-Atlantic Theater shows Adapting two NISE Net programs into interactive theatrical presentations to be used on their floor to engage audiences in dialogue about nanoscale science and engineering concepts, as well as discuss societal and environmental implications. Yes Ruth Brown Year 7
Exploration Place
Wichita, KS Midwest Training and expansion to teen volunteering program Expanding current chemistry-related activities to include nanotechnology through the ChemKids Teen Volunteering program. Participants will be trained to implement activities on the floor, in summer camps, and in the live performing space. Yes Traci Kallhoff Year 7
University of Minnesota Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
Minneapolis, MN Midwest Teacher workshop Developing a program that will utilize participants from their successful RET program in a nanoscale science teacher workshop, with the goal of reaching as many as ten-times the participation of the RET, and ultimately increasing reach to middle and high school students in the area. Yes Frank Snowden Year 7
Headwaters Science Center
Bemidji, MN Midwest Adding Nano to exhibits Planning major refurbishing to their "Water Vortex" exhibit to adapt and use with Ferrofluids activity as a nanotechnology exhibit piece on their floor. Yes Adela Elwell Year 7
The Bakken Museum
Minneapolis, MN Midwest Add Nano to programs Planning to integrate nanoscale science content into its award winning "Science Assets" outreach program. Yes Anika Taylor Year 7
Omaha Children's Museum
Omaha, NE Midwest School group workshops Executing three nanoscience workshops with Liberty Elementary School grades 3-6, leading to a Nano Science Day for the entire school where students from the workshop will lead demonstrations for their classmates. Yes Thomas Simons Year 7
Gateway to Science Center, Inc.
Bismarck, ND Midwest Adding nano to programs Integrating nano content into a variety of existing programs, including afterschool Science Clubs for grades 1-6, week-long summer camps for grades 4-6, and annual family events that take place four times per year. Yes Elisabeth Demke Year 7
Schenectady Museum & Suits-Bueche Planetarium
Schenectady, NY Northeast Highlighting nano in exhibits Integrating real-world examples of nanotechnology into their existing exhibits and creating the "Nanotrail." The trail will start at the museum's small permanent exhibit on nano, and visitors will be provided a map of various stops to make in the exhibit. Content will range from consumer products to alternative energy. Yes Susanne Dorr Year 7
The Discovery Museums
Acton, MA Northeast Youth volunteer training, Nano Night Hosting two workshops to train youth volunteers to enhance their capacity to deliver programs, including the new NanoDays@Night programming in early summer. Yes Yes Denise LeBlanc Year 7
Maine Discovery Museum
Bangor, ME Northeast Highlighting Nano in exhibits Increasing awareness of and interest in nanoscience among children and families by making connections to existing exhibits, enhancing the "Hunt for Nano" scavenger hunt, adapting materials for use on the website, and creating a brochure with info on current nano research, career options and the societal implications of nanotechnology. Yes Yes Trudi Plummer Year 7
Science Spectrum
Lubbock, TX South Adding Nano to programs Expanding programming to include new nanoscience hands-on activities and curriculum to enhance understanding of the nanoscience, its applications, and potential careers for young children and families. Yes Jacie Hood Year 7
Imaginarium of South Texas
Laredo, TX South Training, Family Nano Festival Training seven college students to build the museum's capacity to host activities on the floor. Also vastly enhancing outreach by initiating the "Family Nano Festival," which will be comprised of five events in rural underserved colonias. Yes Lisa Chappa Year 7
Arkansas State University Museum
State University, AR South Nano Night Debuting "Nano Night" at the museum, an evening event happening twice a month for six months. Extensive evaluation over the course of the program will take place to better inform future work. Yes Jill Kary Year 7
SciWorks Science Center
Winston-Salem, NC Southeast Adding Nano to Exhibits, Volunteer Training Integrating nano into its "Field Station," exhibit by means of incorporating graphics, content and a specimen to detail the nanostructures of the Blue Morpho butterfly. In addition, as part of long term goals, more nano will be incorporated into daily programming by hosting a nano volunteer training workshop. Yes Kelli Isenhour Year 7
Marbles Kids Museum
Raleigh, NC Southeast Summer camp Integrating nanoscale science into its very successful summer camp program by thematically-linking current programs to modified NanoDays kit and NISE Net catalog resources. Yes Sarah Irvin Year 7
Imaginarium Science Center
Fort Myers, FL Southeast Add Nano to exhibits Creating a sustainable "NanoLab" in the already existing exhibit "Animal Lab." Yes Sarah Heath Year 7
Arizona Science Center
Phoenix, AZ Southwest Podcasts Creating a series of five or more nanoscale science related podcasts that will function as a standard audio tour for their current science galleries. Yes Sari Custer Year 7
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA Southwest Undergrad lab programming and K-12 summer camps Integrating new nano content into the existing Materials Engineering programming, including work done in the undergrad lab as well as with K-12 students in summer camps. Yes Katherine Chen Year 7
Port Discovery Children's Museum
Baltimore, MD Mid-Atlantic Expanding programing around the Nano mini-exhibition "How do you Nan-Know?" enhances the pre-existing Nano exhibit at Port Discovery by encouraging visitors to consider their values when making decisions about using products developed with nanotechnology. Yes Yes Nora Moynihan Year 8
Liberty Science Center
Jersey City, NJ Mid-Atlantic Middle school workshop "It's a Nano World" will introduce Nano Scale Technology to middle school students via a series of nano activities to understand scale, current technologies, and future applications. Yes Jessica Ortiz Year 8
Science Center of Iowa
Des Moines, IA Midwest Adding nano to exhibits The Science Center of Iowa seeks to integrate nanoscale science and technology content into new and updated signage around our permanent exhibits to further enhance nano awareness with our visitors. Yes Joe Schwanebeck Year 8
Discovery Center
Rockford, MN Midwest Carbon playground Discovery Center in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin is installing a Carbon Playground. Yes Michael Rathbun Year 8
Science Central
Fort Wayne, IN Midwest Nanotechnology lab for after school and camp programs Developing a Nanotechnology lab for after school enrichment, school groups and camps, and creating a storage and display area for the Nano activities we currently display on the exhibit floor. Yes Kathy Larsen Year 8
Birck Nanotechology Center, Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN Midwest K-12 Outreach NanoTrees: Develop stationary and interactive displays and activities to encourage and engage K-12 students to explore nanotechnology as it relates to trees and plant materials and products produce from them. Yes Robert Moon Year 8
Kansas Children's Discovery Center
Topeka, KS Midwest Expanding programing around the Nano mini-exhibition This project will support the NISE Mini-Nano exhibit during February and March by providing a 3 hour nanotechnology training, 3 nanotechnology carts and materials, and offering a spring break camp. Yes Margaret Hennessey Springe Year 8
Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum
Ann Arbor, MI Midwest Elementary and middle school nanoscience outreach AAHOM will create an Outreach program to introduce middle and elementary school students across our region to nanoscience using hands-on activities and materials. Yes Robin Little Year 8
Duluth Children's Museum
Duluth, MN Midwest Expanding programing around the Nano mini-exhibition To create a field trip experience complimenting the Nano mini-exhibit for intermediate elementary grades in Duluth and surrounding regions. These grades are currently under served by the museum. Yes Peter Jacobsen Year 8
The Children's Museum of Science and Technology (CMOST)
Troy, NY Northeast Podcasts CMOST is proposing to facilitate conversations between tweens and nanotechnology experts that will become podcasts. These conversations will answer questions about nano, its future and why they should be interested! Yes Yes Sarah Fisk Year 8
Buffalo Museum of Science
Buffalo, NY Northeast Expanding programing around the Nano mini-exhibition Incorporate handheld technology into the mini-exhibition by giving floor staff I-pad/other tablet units to engage in nano conversations with our museum visitors. Yes Douglas Borzynski Year 8
Saint Louis Science Center
Saint Louis, MO Midwest Expanding programing around the Nano mini-exhibition - camp The Saint Louis Science Center will develop a lab based nanotechnology camp (ages 14-18). The camp will focus on the synthesis of nanoscale materials and comparisons to their macroscale counterparts. Yes Paul Freiling Year 8
Arkansas Discovery Network
LIttle Rock, AR South Nano programming at Science Festivals A nanoscale station will be integrated into three science festivals across Arkansas. Visitors will participate in a hands-on model that demonstrates how nanoparticles are used to make tangible materials. Yes Kathleen Lawson Year 8
Sci-Tech Discovery Center
Frisco, TX South Expanding programing around the Nano mini-exhibition Nano cart programming will complement Sci-Tech Discovery Center's new permanent Nano Exhibit and enable expanded programming experiences in nano science for the center's 75,000 annual visitors. Yes Amanda Mitchell Year 8
San Antonio Children's Museum
San Antonio, TX South Nano night We are requesting funding to offer a "Nano Night" program to educate the under-served population in our community during our monthly "Free Kids Night" event. Yes Destiny Stivers Year 8
The Methodist Hospital Research Institute
Houston, TX South Game/app We propose to develop a game that centers on a mission to assemble a nanoshuttle to destroy a tumor. Players will be educated on different properties of the nanoshuttle. Yes Lucas Isenhart Year 8
McWane Science Center
Birmingham, AL Southeast Expanding programing around the Nano mini-exhibition McWane Center will train students from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) in exhibit interpretation and hands-on science activities for middle school students in Alabama's Black Belt. Yes Kathy Fournier Year 8
Louisiana Art & Science Museum
Baton Rouge, LA Southeast Adding nano to programs Tiny Solutions to Our Big Energy Problem is an interactive educational auditorium program that will provide students with an in-depth look at the fast growing area of study called Nanoscience. Yes Katie Thompson Year 8
Pink Palace Museum
Memphis, TN Southeast Nano nights Our proposed project will focus on disseminating Nanotechnology information and activities through two Nano-themed Science Nights: one for area school students and their families, the other for museum members. Yes Alex Eilers Year 8
Danville Science Center
Danville, VA Southeast Adding nano to programs The Nano to You project is designed to bring awareness of and spark interest in nano science and technology to teachers and youth audiences through outreach to Title I schools. Yes Sonya Wolen Year 8
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA Southeast K-12 teacher resources The goal of Shanandoah Valley Nanoscience Outreach Collaboration is to help K-12 teachers bring nanoscience into classrooms in coherence with the requirements of Virginia's standards of learning for science. Yes Costel Constantin Year 8
Children's Museum Tucson
Tucson, AZ Southwest Nano programming at Science Festival CMT is participating as a host institution in the 2013 Arizona SciTech Festival and requests funding to provide free educational Nano programming to the community participating in the Festival. Yes Hilary Van Alsburg Year 8
Challenger Space Center Arizona
Phoenix, AZ Southwest Summer camp Challenger Space Center Arizona will utilize the NISE Network Mini-Grant to infuse nano content into our 13th Annual "Adventures in Space" Camp, serving approximately 1,200 K-8 students during Summer 2013. Yes Rebecca Gladden Year 8
National Ag Science Center
Modesto, CA Southwest Summer Camp Create an Ag Science Summer Camp program at a school site or Boys and Girls Club site to incorporate agriculture and nano science and career connections. Yes Michele Laverty Year 8
Hawaii Children's Discovery Center
Honolulu, HI Southwest Adding Nano to programs - kits Our hope is to create kits for our Science Saturdays program that exposes children to nano concepts and can be used year round in various ways. Yes Gina Cabrera Year 8
Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum
Reno, NV Southwest Summer camp This grant would pay for the creation of 30 hours (1 full week) of nano curriculum for a summer camp program directed at kids grades 4-6. Yes Meghan Schiedel Year 8
Lied Discovery Children's Museum
Las Vegas, NV Southwest Adding nano to programs To further expand its Nano programming through a partnership with the University of Nevada Las Vegas and local science-related businesses to incorporate professional scientists into the programming experience. Yes Yes Tifferney White Year 8
The Challenger Learning Center of Alaska
Kenai, AK West "Nano Space" program This project will align NISE Net resources into a "Nano in Space" module. This module will be utilized as a stand alone workshop and integrated into existing curriculum Yes Chantelle Rose Year 8
Alaska Museum of Natural History
Anchorage, AK West Adding nano to programs specific to AK We want to develop/modify nano activities that are specific to Alaska. These activities would supplement our science nights, outreach to remote Alaska, and add experiential elements to Museum exhibits. Yes Kerri Jackson Year 8
Discovery Center of Idaho
Boise, ID West Student assembly and teacher training We will provide STEM-based teacher training during the regular school day by presenting a nano-focused assembly to the students while training the teachers. Yes Janine Boire Year 8
Washington State University Vancouver
Vancouver, WA West Summer camp The objective of the mini-grant initiative is to revise the Nano Summer Camp curriculum to include hands-on synthesis of nanostructures by purchasing a tube furnace and green chemistry kit. Yes Praveen Kumar Sekhar Year 8
KidsQuest Children's Museum
Bellevue, WA West Field trip programs Goal: Two new field trip options consisting of hands-on Nanotechnology science programming. These companion programs would be integrated as part of our existing field trip programs for school age children. Yes Alison Luk Year 8
Bootheel Youth Museum
Malden, MO Midwest Exhibit and theater space The BYM will remodel space to house the Mini Nano Exhibit, Nano theater and create a nano themed exhibit with a local appeal called: How is Boll Weevil Eradication Nano? Yes Patsy Reublin Year 9
Above & Beyond Children's Museum
Sheboygan, WI Midwest Exhibit for young audiences Above & Beyond's Science Lab will be used to spark interest in technology and science in children at an early age through staff-led projects and a hands-on, interactive exhibit. Yes Jesica Rewald Year 9
Children's Discovery Museum
Normal, IL Midwest Integrating nano into ongoing programming; staff and volunteer training The Children's Discovery Museum will create a two-part project including adapting nano activities for our Innovation Station and the Nano exhibit and a training program for staff and volunteers. Yes Yes Bethany Thomas Year 9
Columbus, OH Mid-Atlantic Nano health and medicine cart demonstrations and events Expanding Health and Medicine related Science a la Cart demonstrations and adult educational events by educating guest on how Nano science is a part of their lives and medicine. Yes Josh Sarver Year 9
Discovery Center
Murfreesboro, TN Southeast Nano mural in STEAM Lab Nano-themed artwork for STEAM Lab at Discovery Center to accommodate Science Saturdays streamed from Oak Ridge National Lab and summer interns from MTSU's Noyce Scholars program. Yes Yes Jennifer Neal Year 9
Discovery Place, Inc.
Charlotte, NC Southeast Nano and society workshops We will offer a Science and Society Workshop as part of the curriculum offered through the Discovery Place Education Studio at the Bank of America STEM Center for Career Development. Yes Yes Douglas Coler Year 9
Fernbank Science Center
Atlanta, GA Southeast Teacher workshop Develop a workshop, "What's Big About Nano?", for 8th grade science teachers that will provide materials and education to successfully implement nanoscience into their current curriculum. Yes Mary Breen Year 9
Golisano Children's Museum of Naples
Naples, FL Southeast Exhibit space This mini-grant will fund the development, fabrication, and implementation of a Nano Exploration Room. This will be a temporary interactive exhibit space at the Golisano Children's Museum of Naples. Yes Urmila Wadnerkar Year 9
Imaginarium Science Center
Fort Myers, FL Southeast Exhibit space Our project would provide a complement to the Nano Mini Exhibit through the relocation, expansion, and enhancement of our current nano exhibit area, the Nano Lab. Yes Sarah Von Williamsen Year 9
Lafayete Science Museum
Lafayette, LA Southeast Nano exhibits The Museum is currently developing a series of science stations for the 1st floor lobby. We will be including stations that highlight nano-themed concepts. Yes Dawn Edelen Year 9
Marbles Kids Museum
Raleigh, NC Southeast Field trip program to accompany Mysteries of the Unseen World large-screen movie Marbles Kids Museum proposes to create a 45-minute, hands-on field trip program focused on nanoscience and technology for grade 4-8 students to accompany the documentary Mysteries of the Unseen World. Yes Sara DeLeo Year 9
Maryland Science Center
Baltimore, MD Mid-Atlantic Nano stage program; staff and volunteer training We will create a nanotechnology stage program incorporating hands-on experiences for the whole audience, supported by a training session on nanotechnology for our staff and volunteers. Yes Abby Goodlaxson Year 9
Miami Science Museum
Miami, FL Southeast Exhibit space highlighting local nano research This Mini-Grant will be used to create a flexible scientist spotlight space within our nano exhibits to showcase current nano research being conducted by local South Florida scientists. Yes Karlisa Callwood Year 9
Museum of Discovery
Little Rock, AR South Musical adaptation of Alice in Nanoland A musical adaptation of Alice in Nanoland will introduce nanoscience concepts to new audiences at the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock, Arkansas, and throughout Arkansas at partnering organizations. Yes Kevin Delaney Year 9
Newark Museum
Newark, NJ Mid-Atlantic School programming for 9th grade biology students The Newark Museum proposes to create a unit that connects Nanotechnology to the Biology Core Curriculum Standards, then presenting these adapted lessons to ninth grade students next spring. Yes Susan Petroulas Year 9
North Museum of Natural History and Science
Lancaster, PA Mid-Atlantic Nano flash mob experiments Museum staff will collaborate with local organizations to provide nanoscience experiments in a flash mob format. Flash Science will reach under-served audiences by performing experiments in crowded, non-traditional areas. Yes Nora Joyce Year 9
Powerhouse Science Center
Sacramento, CA Southwest Summer camp; staff training Following a brief professional development session for Discovery Museum staff, two science camps use nanokits and interdisciplinary science lessons to present concepts of scale and principles of nanotechnology. Yes David Mues Year 9
Rochester Museum & Science Center
Rochester, NY Northeast Summer camps; mobile cart demonstrations To integrate nano into existing camp curricula for ages 9-15yrs and floor cart demonstrations, allowing us to reach new audiences and strengthen partnerships with RIT and other local nano researchers. Yes Yes Joelle Adolfi Year 9
Science Spectrum
Lubbock, TX South Exhibits and signage Expansion of the Nano Mini-Exhibition to Include 3 or More New Hands-On Activity Stations and Information Panels. Yes Yes Jacie Hood Year 9
Stepping Stones Museum for Children
Norwalk, CT Northeast School field trip program; school workshop; ongoing public programming Stepping Stones Museum for Children seeks to integrate nanoscale science and technology content into existing programming that will impact general admission visitors, group visitors and youth program participants. Yes Stephanie Kadam Year 9
The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN Midwest Summer camps The Children's Museum of Indianapolis will incorporate nanotechnology and nanoscale science into its successful STEM Camp program scheduled for June 2014. Yes Yes Becky Wolfe Year 9
University of Vermont
Burlington, VT Northeast Special event; scientist-museum collaborations We will create an event independent of NanoDays, including a presentation at the local science center and a series of cart activities for use with their visitors. Yes Yes Luke Donforth Year 9
Arkansas Discovery Network/Museum of Discovery
Little Rock, AR South Materials for Regional Outreach, Training Created nano kits to be used by ADN partners for their regional outreach. Hosted a training workshop. Kits will enable educators to introduce nano in underserved areas of the state. Yes Yes Diane LaFollette Year 6
Boonshoft Museum of Discovery
Dayton, OH Mid-Atlantic Summer Camp, Field Trip, Distance Learning Program Incorporated NISE Net activities into existing summer day camp programs. Designed two new field trip oportunities that engage students in ethical and policy discussions around new nanoscale technologies. Created a videoconference program for schools: Nanoscale Science and the Future of Food. Yes Yes Liz Landis Year 6
Creative Discovery Museum
Chattanooga, TN Southeast Add Nano to Programs Integrated nano concepts into three areas of programming: Science Theater shows and hands-on workshops, outreach programs, and family science nights provided to area schools. Yes Yes Karen Dewhirst Year 6
Detroit Science Center
Detroit, MI Midwest Field Trip Program Expanded their Hands-On Interactive Programs (HIP), a 3-hour in-depth study of one science concept, to include nanoscale science, technology, and engineering. Program highlighted career fields and emphasized successful women and underrepresented minority professionals in the field. Yes Yes Yes Marlene Baranda Year 6
Discovery Center Museum
Rockford, IL Midwest Afterschool Program, Library Outreach Expanded their nanoscale science programs to their five daily afterschool programs (95% of students eceive free or reduced lunch). Created a week's worth of nano activity bins for the program using materials from NISE Network, University of Wisconsin NSEC, Franklin Institute kits, and Discovery Center. Trained youth volunteers and volunteer director on nano cart demos, completed and installed library learning nooks in six local libraries. Yes Yes Michael Rathbun Year 6
Los Angeles, CA Southwest Create Nano Workshop, Community Outreach Created and ran two hour workshops for upper elementary and middle school students on basic concepts in nanotechnology. Program reached three underserved schools in South Los Angeles and a large female audience through a partnership with Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles. Yes Yes Jenna Blanton Year 6
Las Cruces Museum of Natural History
Las Cruces, NM West Teacher Kits Created a series of teacher kits to be loaned out, free of charge, to teachers in southern New Mexico. Themes for kits: Nano 101; Nano Applications & Tools; Nano Medicine; and Nano & the Environment. Yes Yes Kimberly Hanson Year 6
Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology (MOST)
Syracuse, NY Northeast Summer Camp Integrated nano more extensively into summer camp program. Introduced and trained additional personnel in delivery of nano programming. Preference for two camps was given to students from a region where 75% of students are living at or near poverty level. Introduced nano content into a JCC overnight program. Yes Yes Betty Jones Year 6
Pink Palace Museum
Memphis, TN Southeast Community Outreach, Training Created and disseminated nano suitcase exhibit to five community organizations in Memphis, expanding partnerships with those organizations. Provided training for individuals presenting nano curriculum, extra materials if needed, and acted as resource. Yes Emi McFarlen Year 6
ScienceWorks Hands-on Museum
Ashland, OR West Summer Camp, Afterschool Develop Summer GECOS (Girls Engineering Club of ScienceWorks): Nanotechnology lessons and kit for use in a summer camp and after school program. Developed a 25-minute science show on nano. Adapting the "Horton Senses Something Small" program for use in their Head Start to Science program that serves low-income preschoolers. Yes Yes Skoshi Wise Year 6
South Florida Science Museum
West Palm Beach , FL Southeast Field Trip Program Added nano content to Science Passport field trip program, an educational initiative providing learning opportunities to disadvantaged youth. Yes Yes Sara Bogotch Year 6
University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Memphis, TN Southeast Library Outreach Expanded an education program to four library locations in adjacent counties, focusing on rural communities where there is no local access to science museums. Work with local researcher to create new green nanotechnology educational materials. Yes Yes Anand Kulkarni Year 6
Newark Museum
Newark, NJ Mid-Atlantic Camp for Girl Scouts Working with Girl Scouts Hearts of New Jersey to create the "Observation: From Nano to Macro" camp to introduce Girl Scouts in Newark and Jersey City, NJ to careers in STEM. Yes Anu Malhotra Year 7
North Museum of Natural History and Science
Lancaster, PA Mid-Atlantic Afterschool program Expanding existing afterschool programming to include a three-week nano unit. Work will be done in collaboration with Neighborhood Services of Lancaster, and will give students the opportunity to use NISE Net resources, visit two nano businesses, and work with college student mentors. Yes Yes Yes James Ringlein Year 7
North Dakota State College of Science
Wahpeton, ND Midwest Scenario program Integrating NISE Net activities into a scenario program where students use the nano concepts to solve relevant real-world issues. Students will develop a product and teach others about its science, application and the societal and ethical implications surrounding it. Yes Yes Kristi Jean Year 7
Children's Discovery Museum
Normal, IL Midwest Afterschool program Collaborating with Illinois State University and the UNITY Community Center to create an eight-week "NanoWorld" afterschool program. Yes Yes Yes Bethany Thomas Year 7
Orpheum Children's Science Museum
Champaign, IL Midwest Rural outreach program Addressing a need for rural community outreach by bringing informal science opportunities to special science events, fairs and local schools in the seven county area the museum serves. The "NANO science and engineering program" will include hands-on activities, stage presentations, as well as evaluation to produce new data on how small institutions can better support rural communities and create a strong regional science education infrastructure. Yes Sonya Darter Year 7
Paper Discovery Center
Appleton, WI Midwest Theater show, afterschool program Adding a new theatrical performance to their afterschool curriculum. This performance will explore the science, application, and societal implications of nanotechnology. Yes Yes Barbara Sauer Year 7
Science Discovery Center at Oneonta
Oneonta, NY Northeast Workshop for middle school students Establishing a collaboration with the California NanoSystem Institute and develop a nanotechnology-themed "Science Saturday" workshop to expand outreach to middle school students. Yes Yes Yes Kelly Gallagher Year 7
Maritime Explorium
Port Jefferson, NY Northeast Adding Nano to programs Identified six areas of current exhibitions with opportunities to highlight nanotechnologies, and through a partnership with SUNY, will develop content for each of the six areas. Additional content will include language at three different levels of sophistication to accommodate different ages and learners at the museum. Yes Yes Lauren Hubbard Year 7
Regional Science & Discovery Center
Corning, NY Northeast Adding Nano to programs Introducing nanotechnology to the public through expansion to three programs: a Boy Scout overnight at Arnot Mall, a Spring break event at Corning Youth Center, and a summer camp for at-risk students at the Science and Discovery Center. Yes Patrica Dann Year 7
Austin Children's Museum
Austin, TX South Field Trips, Summer Camp Incorporating nanoscience activities into field trips and their all-girls "Engineer It!" summer camp. Through this nano-focused opportunity, they will increase awareness and understanding of nanoscale science, as well as raise attention to careers in this field. Yes Yes Christina Soontornvat Year 7
The Arts & Science Center for Southeast Arkansas
Pine Bluff, AR South Traveling Puppet Show Using their STEM Traveling Puppet Show (STPS) to introduce the complex content of nanoscience to children and adults on-site as well as in their outreach to students in nearby underserved communities. Yes Yes Lenore Shoults Year 7
Miami Science Museum
Miami, FL Southeast Summer Camp, Translations Developing and delivering a nano science themed camp class during the 2012 Summer Camp season. This includes translating the NISE Net "Bump and Roll" exhibit text into Spanish and Creole, as well as translating five more nano demos into Creole for use by diverse audiences on the museum's floor. Yes Yes Karlisa Callwood Year 7
University of Puerto Rico
San Juan, PR Southeast K - 16+ educational materials Targeting Hispanic students and integrate nano content into the "Water Quality and Water Purification" educational materials for K-16+. Yes Ana-Rita Mayol Year 7
Norfolk State University
Norfolk, VA Southeast Summer Camps Integrating nanoscience activities into existing summer camps with the Children's Museum of Virginia. Yes Yes Messaoud Bahoura Year 7
Louisville Science Center
Louisville, KY Southeast Hands-on demos for underserved youth Fostering a relationship with the University of Louisville micro/nano lab to target underserved youth in hands-on nano demonstrations. Yes Yes Andrew Spence Year 7
Jackson State University
Jackson, MS Southeast Training, camp, and events with high school and middle school students Planning to target African American students during Spring semester 2012, as they incorporate nanoscience-related projects into training with grad and undergrad students, events with high school and middle school students, and a one-day nano camp. Yes Ruomei Gao Year 7
Imiloa Astronomy Center
Hilo, HI Southwest Outreach sessions with grades 4-6 Hosting ten outreach sessions with grades 4-6 in rural and geographically isolated areas. The focus will be to raise awareness to nanotechnology and tie math curriculum (exponents, scientific notation, powers of ten) to nano content. Yes Maile Luuwai Year 7
Turtle Bay Exploration Park
Redding, CA Southwest Teacher kits and training Creating four new nanoscale science kits, and holding a workshop with local teachers to introduce and train teachers on these materials. Yes Yes Christina Leadabrand Year 7
Natural History Museum of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT Southwest Training for high school and college students Collaborating with the University of Utah's Nano Institute to develop the museum's "Youth Teaching Youth" program for high school students and Nano Institute grads. The goal of the program is to increase the museum's overall capacity to deliver nanoscale science programming, and provide college science students with training to increase their science communication skills. Yes Yes Madlyn Runburg Year 7
WOW! Children's Museum
Lafayette, CO West Training, Girl Scout badges Planning to deepen audience experiences by expanding nanotechnology programming. Plans include training more education staff and volunteers on new activities, offering longer activities, offering more programming to local public libraries, and better supporting local Girl Scout troops in obtaining badges related to nanoscience. Yes Yes Renee Guerrero Year 7
Montana State University -- Extended University
Bozeman, MT West Rural outreach program Creating a series of intensive learning opportunities with ten rural schools through video conferencing, activity kits, and networking/social media to support meaningful learning experiences with underserved communities unable to travel to campus for NanoDays. Yes Suzi Taylor Year 7
National Museum of Nuclear Science & History
Albuquerque, NM West Camp for underrepresented youth Expanding their "Amazing Stuff" nano camp program to specifically serve underrepresented youth in their area. Yes Yes Malva Knoll Year 7
Delaware State University
Dover, DE Mid-Atlantic Kits for K-12 education DSU-OSCAR Partnership: Bringing Nanoscale Optics Research Concepts to K-12. This project will allow the development and dissemination of educational kits to the schools on the mid-Atlantic region. Yes Yes Ana-Rita Mayol Year 8
Children's Discovery Museum of West Virginia
Morgantown, WV Mid-Atlantic Traveling K-12 program The Museum will launch a traveling assembly style program in 2013, targeting rural school districts. Grant funds will aid in developing a nano themed program. Yes Yes Julie Bryan Year 8
CRISP MRSEC (Yale Univ/Southern CT State Univ)
New Haven, CT Northeast Expanding regular outreach to urban communities We will expand our informal science outreach efforts to offer more frequent public outreach events to urban communities in CT, targeting New Haven, Bridgeport and Hartford. Yes Yes Christine Broadbridge Year 8
Milton J Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology (MOST)
Syracuse, NY Northeast Nano Travel Science Program We would create a new format for a NISE net book Alice in Nanoland to be used for a Nano Traveling Science Program plus library kits. Yes Yes Betty Jones Year 8
Long Island Children's Museum
Garden City, NY Northeast Outreach program LICM Outreach program, Science of the Small, engages children with the concept of nanoscience through hands-on demonstrations to discover the fascinating innovations in modern nanoscience and technology. Yes Yes Gina Garcia Year 8
Boonshoft Museum of Discovery
Dayton, OH Mid-Atlantic Rural school outreach The Museum will launch a traveling assembly style program in 2013, targeting rural school districts. Grant funds will aid in developing a nano themed program. Yes Yes Dawn Kirchner Year 8
Creative Discovery Museum
Chattanooga, TN Southeast Adding nano to programs Develop after school programming, a large scale theater show, a workshop and distance learning program for middle school students. Provide after school programming for under-served elementary school students. Yes Yes Karen Dewhirst Year 8
spectrUM Discovery Area
Missoula, MT West Expanding programing around the Nano mini-exhibition The spectrUM Discovery Area will offer a field trip bus providing free transportation for Montana children to visit the Nano exhibit and meet nano researchers from The University of Montana. Yes Yes Jessie Herbert Year 8
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM West After school program The University of New Mexico's Nanoscience and Microsystems program will partner with Children's Choice, a not-for-profit program serving underrepresented youth, to introduce nanoscience into the existing afterschool program. Yes Yes Heather Armstrong Year 8
The Science Zone
Casper, WY West Expanding programing around the Nano mini-exhibition Our goal: travel Nano to multiple Wyoming communities taking elementary students through the exhibit/hosting a "family science night" as the culmination event--students guide parents through the exhibit. Yes Yes Carrie Schroeder Year 8
The Bakken Library and Museum
Minneapolis, MN Midwest Middle and high school and adult outreach The Bakken Museum would like adapt our existing Nano Outreach Program to serve audiences of students in middle and high schools as well as adults. Yes Yes Yes Anika Taylor Year 9
California Academy of Sciences
San Francisco, CA Southwest Nano in nature program for young audiences Invite young children (ages 3 -5) to become a Nano Nature Detective. Conduct activities that encourage children and their families to investigate nano in nature through familiar and intriguing subjects. Yes Yes Celeste Argel Year 9
California Science Center Foundation
Los Angeles, CA Southwest Summer camp Develop a nanoscale science and technology curriculum for the 2014 Summer sessions of Curator Kids Club, part of the California Science Center's free Community Youth Programs for underserved local youth. Yes Yes Christy Seki Year 9
Children's Museum in Oak Lawn
Oak Lawn, IL Midwest School field trips Our project is to provide free nano-themed field trips for low-income schools to increase stem awareness amongst 3rd grade students. "Intro to Nano Field Trip" Yes Yes Adam Woodworth Year 9
Durango Discovery Museum
Durango, CO West Middle school outreach programs Create a unique, educational and humorous school assembly and hands-on outreach program for middle school students exploring the exciting, advantageous and, often sneaky, uses of nanotechnology in sports. Yes Yes Yes Sarah Margoles Year 9
Exploration Place, The Sedgwick County Science and Discovery Center
Wichita, KS Midwest Spanish language events and activities Through "Tecnologia NANO esta aqui y es el futuro" Exploration Place will engage Hispanic families in nanoscience at Hispanic events using Spanish-speaking staff, NISE Net activities and live shows. Yes Laurel Zhang Year 9
Fort Collins Museum of Discovery
Fort Collins, CO West Programs for Latina girls in collaboration with scientists FCMoD will partner with female CSU nanotechnology scientists to provide high school Latina girls with interpretive skills, immersive nano-laboratory experiences and the opportunity to develop outreach prototypes for their scientists. Yes Yes Brenn Wheeler Year 9
Maine Discovery Museum
Bangor, ME Northeast Outreach to schools with Native American students Develop a mini residency by combining 3 existing programs with demonstrations from Nano and Making Stuff kits into a cohesive, multi-day unit. Involve 2 schools with American Indian student populations. Yes Yes Yes Gertrud Plummer Year 9
Montana State University - Extended University
Bozeman, MT West Outreach to Native American and rural girls Reach underserved rural and Native American girls from all over Montana at the annual Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) event with nanotechnology sessions and female STEM / nanotechnology role models. Yes Yes Yes Jamie Cornish Year 9
Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience
Lincoln, NE Midwest Exhibit of nano science imagery We would like to partner with Hastings Museum and exhibit nanoscience images by NCMN researchers, along with supportive Nanokit activities. This would expand nanoscience into rural, underserved audiences in Nebraska. Yes Yes Terese Janovec Year 9
Perot Museum of Nature and Science
Dallas, TX South School family science nights Funds will be used to develop a Nano based family science night for local elementary schools. The program will include a 30 minute auditorium presentation followed by table top activities. Yes Jason Treadway Year 9
Sci-Port: Louisiana's Science Center
Shreveport, LA Southeast Summer camp Sci-Port: Louisiana's Science Center seeks $3000 to fund creation and implementation of an "All The Small Things" Day-Camp, a week-long nano-themed summer camp as part of our popular day-camp offerings. Yes Yes Michele McKee Year 9
Science Factory
Eugene, OR West Bilingual signage and outreach; exhibits We will expand our nano-related permanent exhibit offerings by making durable versions of existing nano activities, adding new activities and bilingual signage, and inviting local participation from bilingual community groups. Yes Yes Nick Spicher Year 9
South Florida Science Center and Aquarium
West Palm Beach, FL Southeast School science family nights The mini grant will allow us to enhance existing programs with nano content and offer 3 programs to Title 1 schools free of charge. Yes Yes Christopher Pait Year 9
The Children's Museum of Brownsville
Brownsville, TX South School outreach programs In partnership with the University of Brownsville's Physics Circus, we will develop a show about Nano to be used in conjunction with Nano kits for outreaches at local underserved schools. Yes Yes Jennifer Williams Year 9
The Discovery Museums
Acton, MA Northeast Universal design modifications; special audiences event The Discovery Museums propose to use Universal Design principles with accessibility partners and special audiences to modify 3 to 5 Nano Kits to increase their accessibility for all audiences. Yes Denise LeBlanc Year 9
The Leonardo
Salt Lake City, UT West Girls summer camp The Leonardo seeks NISEnet funds to develop and implement a week-long Girls Full STEAM Ahead camp! Girls will experience hands-on art, science and technology based activities exploring Nano-scale science. Yes Erika DuRoss Year 9
Tulsa Children's Museum
Tulsa, OK South Summer camps TCM requests a mini-grant to develop a multi-day spring break and summer camp program to include a nano-oriented curriculum. Yes Yes Raymond Vandiver Year 9
WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and Technology
Bloomington, IN Midwest School and library rural outreach; public programming WonderLab will develop new programs around the NISE Nano mini-exhibition: 1) interactive nanoscience demonstration for schools, libraries and other venues and 2) public program showcasing local nanoscience research and technologies. Yes Yes Yes Karen Jepson-Innes Year 9