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The Oklahoma Nanotechnology Initiative (ONI)was created by the state legislature and serves as a clearinghouse of information on nanotechnology in Oklahoma for the adademic, business, financial and industrial communities of this state. The ONI is coordinated by The State Chamber of Oklahoma via contract with the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST), a state agency. We host an annual state-wide conference called NanoFocus, which is usually held the first week in April.

The ONI promotes the Oklahoma Nanotechnology Applications Program (ONAP), which is one of the first program in the USA that provides incentives for companies to utilize a nanotechnology process in the cration of a new or improved product. We are also pleased to provide nano awareness progrms to educational, civic or business groups to support the undertanding of nanotechnology.

The ONI also promotes the establishement of nanotechnology companies within the state of Oklahoma and provides a matchmaking service between industry needs and nano innovations. We work with all the companies and researchers in Oklahoma who are involved in nanotechnology. Our website is

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