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Multinational manufacturer of product ranges including personal care, household cleaning, laundry detergents, prescription drugs and disposable diapers.

Innovative new products have been an absolutely critical component of P&G's. P&G technologists have been responsible for several historic "firsts" that revolutionized their product categories and spawned many imitators. You're undoubtedly familiar with Tide®, the first heavy-duty synthetic detergent; Crest®, the breakthrough cavity-prevention toothpaste; Pampers®, the disposable diaper that revolutionized caring for babies; Pert Plus, the first 2-in-1 product for cleaning and conditioning hair in one step; and Crisco®, the first all-vegetable shortening.

Other recent breakthroughs you may not realize originated in P&G laboratories include:
Dryel®, the novel way to care for dry-clean-only clothes in the home
The first recombinant detergent enzymes, developed in collaboration with Genencor, to be used in liquid laundry detergents
Actonel®, the first osteoporosis therapy to consistently demonstrate a reduction in the incidence of spinal fractures after just one year of treatment
Physique®, a hair care line utilizing unique polymers and cleaning/conditioning systems to deliver breakthrough cleaning and styling results
Impress®, a totally new form of food wrap that provides superior sealing yet no pre-seal wrap cling
Febreze®, has a spray that utilizes novel chemistry to actually capture odor-causing materials, and is safe to use on all surfaces
Iams® Hairball Care™, which utilizes novel fiber technology in a cat diet to prevent hair ball formation
Crest Whitestrips®, a revolutionary new way to whiten teeth 10 times better than the leading whitening toothpaste, in just 14 days at home, using the same enamel-safe ingredient dentists use
And a host of others too numerous to mention
While justifiably proud of these successes, we need to be constantly alert for opportunities to meet growing consumer needs. We see ourselves as our consumers' servants, and we are dedicated to delighting them with truly innovative, outstanding products.

Outstanding products are created by outstanding people. Within R&D, we have a strong commitment to find the best researchers, and retain them with a culture designed to reward success, stimulate learning, challenge complacency and nurture innovation. This has led to a talent made up of 7,500 Ph.D.s and researchers in 71 countries. While P&G holds more than 25,000 active patents worldwide, what is most important is not the number of patents we hold. Instead, what our consumers really care about is how many products and services we can create that improve their lives every day.

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