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In March 2012, SELF International, Inc. (Science Education Literacy Fine Arts) joined with Sabathani Community Center’s Horizon Youth Program to present NanoDay 2012. It was a one day event to introduce Nanoscale science and technology to Sabathani Community Center and the community at large. The event was supported by the Science Museum of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota. Other community organizations also participated.
SELF International is a youth serving educational organization in South Minneapolis. Our mission is to increase and expand community access to cutting edge STEM education for youth in inner city areas. We seek to ensure that those who have been historically disadvantaged and underserved will gain access to the science and technology workforce and that can only come through timely exposure to the knowledge and tools of science and technology. Our unique solution is to provide science education on wheels to the youth in the community, rather than seeking to build instructional laboratory facilities in every school. This we believe can be a key economical science education resource in Minneapolis, igniting enthusiasm, understanding, and support for science and technology in the future generations. Despite all the plans that have been implemented nationally to improve overall science/math performance, studies have always highlighted the disparity that exists within the USA between minority students and the rest of the population. This condition limits the future prospects of this section of the workforce, when they are unable to compete fairly, and attain their full potential in society. We intend to close that gap. Our program is cutting edge in our selection of subject matter and thus, pertinent to the evolution of the sciences.

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