My Community

In My Community, museum visitors can draw their neighborhoods and talk about what they like best or least about the places they live. They can check out the Changing Communities, and think of ways these spaces could be improved to help people, the planet, and the economy. Then, visitors can imagine how these solutions and others could be applied to their own neighborhoods, and change their drawings to make their neighborhoods better today and in the future.

High Five for the Future

What can you do today to help create a more sustainable world tomorrow? Visitors to High Five for the Future can write or draw their idea for a sustainable future, and take a photo of themselves high-fiving the future kid. You can share your photo and your idea on social media! #high5future

Future Builder

The Future Builder sustainability activity challenges visitors to build a tower representing a future community. Each card presents the players with a new part of their community to build—a school, park, gas station, museum, or something else—each with its own cost and reward. But players must balance their resources and construction carefully, meeting the needs of people, the planet, and the economy . . . or their community might be in for a crash!

Creative Reinvention

The Creative Reinvention sustainability activity shows visitors how common waste materials can be recycled, reused, and reinvented into brand new products—a process called the "circular economy." Activity cards ask visitors to guess what recycled materials were used to make various products, and challenge them to think of creative ways to reuse the waste materials in their homes.

Sustainability Training Materials

These materials will help prepare staff, volunteers, and collaborators for your SustainABLE event. The orientation PowerPoint presentation will introduce educators to the Sustainability in Science Museums project and the SustainABLE programming, and then walk through key concepts for engaging the public in sustainability, the SustainABLE activities, and additional available resources. Included with the presentation—in a separate pdf—are notes for the presenter.

Sustainability Planning Guide

Welcome to the SustainABLE project! These materials will introduce you to the SustainABLE Kit and its contents, and help you begin to plan your sustainability event. The included planning guide offers tips on finding and training collaborators and volunteers, marketing materials and suggestions, as well as a list of additional resources for a successful event. The Design Choices document will guide you through some of the ways to make the event itself a model of sustainability!


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