Downloading from the Catalog…

Some PowerPoint presentations (ppt files) in the Catalog include larger media, which will slow downloads. Sometimes these presentations may download without larger media pieces. We try to include separate media files when available so you can download ppt files and media files individually, insert the missing pieces and re-save to your desktop. For more on downloading video, see the Video section below.

We have also created some large presentations with video as pdf files. You will need Adobe reader 9 and flash player 10-both are free downloads available at and

Use Adobe reader to run pdf presentations with video. When Adobe opens it will give you a warning that it is about to enter full screen mode. Check the box next to "remember my choice" and click "allow." The first time through the video may not play. If this happens, hit escape and look for the yellow error bar in Adobe reader warning you that video is trying to play. Here, click on "options" and select “trust this document always” From then on, it will open in full screen mode and play all video on that computer (you will need to repeat this procedure for all computers you wish to use these files on).

We host video through our NISE Net channels on Vimeo and YouTube:

Using Vimeo, you can download any video required as part of program content. You will need an account with Vimeo. To create one:

  • Log on to
  • Choose the Basic (free) package
  • Set your account name, email and password
  • Once this is complete, close the popup if necessary and find your video at . Click the name of the video to bring up that video's page. Scroll two-thrids of the way down, in the right corner, to the "About this Video" area. Right click the "Download this video" link and select "Download linked file as" to save to your desktop.

    Air Multimedia
    Carefully follow all instructions in the "Zoom Instillation" read me files included with Air multimedia in the Catalog. To run files locally on your computer:

  • Download All files and install Adobe Air free from
  • Adjust Settings Manager at
  • On the "Edit Locations" dropdown select "Add Location" and then "Browse for folder" and find the air file on your hard drive.

  • Close page and open the Air file on your computer to run.