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Talking Nano (6-DVD Video Set)

Linked product - AVAILABLE FOR $34.99 AT: (FOR PURCHASE ORDERS: call 617.589.4483 or email us at This 6-video DVD set features Don Eigler, George Whitesides, David Rejeski, Eric Mazur, Tim Miller, and, as a bonus, The Amazing Nano Brothers Juggling Show. It provides a basic Nano 101 introduction to nanotechnology, potential applications, implications, and impacts. Designed for classroom, informal, and professional development use, the videos are tightly edited with close-ups and...


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Nanotech and Consumer Products

“Nanotech and Consumer Products” is a public presentation that introduces audiences to the growing role of nanotechnology in making consumer products, and encourages them to consider the potential environmental and health risks. During the presentation, visitors are guided through questions such as: What is nanotechnology, why does it matter, and where is it happening? How are nanomaterials being used in a growing number of consumer products that are available on the market today? What is known about the long-term environmental and health risks of nanotechnology, and how...


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