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Andrea Durham


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I was previously the Director of the NISE Network, having recently become Director of Exhibits at the Museum of Science. Working with the NISE Net has been an enriching experience, and it was wonderful getting to know and work professionally with the partners and participants in the network. I will continue my involvement on some level as an organizational partner and as a recipient of the terrific products of the NISE Net.

Prior to my involvement in the NISE Net I managed exhibit projects at the Museum of Science for 9 years. I launched the Technology Showcase project, leading a team of over 20 staff with diverse backgrounds from across the museum. We innovated in exhibit design, content, and programs to inform the public about novel and important technologies from around the world in new and exciting ways. Other museum work has included leading the Natural Mysteries project where we broke new ground in presenting collections in exciting and accessible ways and managing the Master Planning project for the future building and renovation at the MOS.

My education background is a BS in Engineering and an MBA, and in previous jobs I have been an engineer, a technology consultant, and a management consultant, working in many areas of Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, supply chain management and for the Dept of Energy.


Societal implications, Equity

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