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Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies
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Andrew Maynard


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North Carolina
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Although I spent many years as a research scientist, a few years back I entered the alternative reality of science policy and communication. However, I haven't had the delusion that “science,” “policy” and “communication” are not mutually exclusive beaten out of me... yet!

Currently serving as the Chief Science Adviser at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies, I am heavily involved in the development of responsible nanotechnologies. An author of over one hundred scientific publications, I spend much of my time these days placing science and technology in a social context for a broader audience. This includes briefing politicians, industry, environmentalists, journalists (and anyone else who will listen) on smart ways of addressing the challenges of emerging technologies.

Topics that pique my interest include nanotechnology, synthetic biology, science communication and engagement, twenty first century science policy, and socially responsible science (à la Neal Lane’s “Civic Scientist”).

I have a degree in Physics from the University of Birmingham in the UK, and a PhD in physics from the University of Cambridge, UK. I am also the mastermind behind The Twinkie Guide To Nanotechnology - a sobering reminder of what happens when scientists forsake their roots!

I also write a regular blog on emerging science and technology at


Environment, Societal implications, Safety, Envisioning the future

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