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Barry Kluger-Bell, Ph.D. is an independent Inquiry Science Education consultant based in Boulder, Colorado. He works with educators throughout the country in K-12 teacher professional development, science graduate student education training, informal science education, pre-school science education and science curriculum development. He also currently serves on the board of Denver, RAFT, the WOW Museum and the steering committee of the Boulder Area STEM Education Coalition. From 1988-2009 he served as the Assistant Director for Science at the Exploratorium’s Institute for Inquiry in San Francisco. He has also directed the Bay Area Science Project at the Lawrence Hall of Science, taught Physics and Math at Chabot Community College in California, and directed a program for incoming minority and economically underprivileged students ant the University of California at Berkeley. He started his career in science education while still in graduate school by working with David and Francis Hawkins at the Mountain View Center in Boulder, Colorado.
As part of NISE, Barry directed the Nano Education Outreach (NEO) program, which provided professional development for Outreach directors and graduate students working in Nano science and technology outreach programs.

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