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Besides my responsibilities overseeing the SMM's education programs, both for informal and K–12 audiences, I have been very active in developing the SMM's public understanding of research (PUR) efforts. In 2001/02, I was fortunate to have received a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) STA Senior Fellow award that allowed me to research the programming and exhibit efforts to increase the public's understanding of research and current science/technology that are emerging in Japan's science museums. Coincidental with this, I was PI on an NSF project that brought together an international group of science museum and media professionals to explore models, programs, and exhibits being developed to increase public understanding of research. Since then I have participated in and presented at several national conferences and workshops on PUR and recently edited the book "Creating Connections: Museums and the Public Understanding of Current Research," published in 2004 by AltaMira Press.

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