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I combine my experience in communication strategies in the high-tech industry with an academic scientific background in Nuclear Physics. I organized the 1st International Nanotech Outreach Workshop (

I (°1968) earned my BS in Physics (Cum Laude) in 1988 and my MS in Experimental Nuclear Physics (Magna Cum Laude) in 1990, from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.

As a scientific researcher I designed and performed materials research experiments at the particle accelerator facilities of CERN (Switzerland), GSI (Germany), LISOL and imec (Belgium). From my research work and the resulting international collaborations, visits, papers and conference presentations, my interests in science communication grew. I focused on the science-society relationship and the impact of science and technology on society.
In 1997 I started working as a science communicator at the Earth Observation Desk of the Belgian Royal Meteorological Institute, Brussels.
I joined the Marketing and Public Relations Department
of imec (, the world-leading independent research center in
nanoelectronics and nanotechnology, in 1998.
I set up and coordinated 'imecexpo', a science and society research project. Imecexpo examined new nanotech outreach strategies and the nanoscience - society relationship. Imecexpo was a collaboration between imec, RVO-Society (, The Flanders NanoBio Alliance and Ad!dict Creative Lab (, a global creative think tank of designers, artists, scientists.
The imecexpo project delivered 3 important outputs:

  • new bio-nanotech communication ideas and
    strategies for PR campaigns, public dialogues and
    educational kits.
  • new inspiring bio-nano ideas for imec's
    K-16 learning lab
  • new modes to reach out to organizations and
    industries for future collaborations

    Now, I am managing a new project, studionanobio. We are setting up several open-ended nanobio design projects per year in our studionanobio, an open youngsters lab for students. Current contributors to this project are: imec, RVO-Society, QUICKSAND engineering (, Holst Centre (, Olin College (, GroupT College (, HOWEST College (, design curator Giovanna Massoni (, Jan Van Mol (, sculpture artist Ann Dieltjens (, Tom De Smedt and his Experimental Media colleagues from NodeBox at Sint-Lucas Antwerp and University of Antwerp, together with computer graphic designer and artist Ludivine Lechat ( -

    current projects at studionanobio:

  • NANOphysical visuals (
  • solar pc prototype (
  • baby tracker prototype (
  • PhotoVoltaic effect exhibit 'the screwballer' (, or look here for the sporty version:

    coming soon at studionanobio:

  • NANOphysical meets EEG exhibit
  • able-disable exhibit
  • energy saver prototype, 'FirePot'
  • alternative vehicle prototype, 'BikeCar'
  • interactive jewelry, 'CheerLeader'
  • NodeBox v.X Data Miner&Visualizer

    coming later at studionanobio:

  • WaterTankComputing
  • 3D CellBox
  • Metallic Cell Adhesives
  • Graviton Flyer
  • ...

    Nanoscale phenomena, Data visualization, Technology tools and applications, Health and medicine, Environment, Information technology, Energy, Societal implications

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