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Keith Ostfeld


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After deciding that having a summer break every year was just too demanding of his time, Keith Ostfeld left teaching high school and middle school science and has spent the last twelve years working for The Children's Museum of Houston. Starting as the Science Educator and moving through six other positions before becoming Director of Educational Technology and Exhibit Development, he spends his time working on a variety of exhibit development, mobile technology and education, blended learning, and evaluation projects between knocking over and restacking the large quantities of vitally important papers in his office. In his alter-ego of Mr. O, he is science geek/guru for the Children's Museum of Houston appearing weekly in short STEM-related videos title "O Wow Moments." All videos are available for viewing on the blog or on the Vimeo channel ( In what used to be his spare time, he now has a new, far more rewarding additional job: dad to 6-year old AND 5-year-old girls who, if you look closely at their pinkies, has Keith wrapped around them. Ask him to see a picture. Keith has developed many exhibits and programs for CMH focused on science and mathematics while honing his skills at writing biographical statements to such an extent that they can now be seen only under an AFM.


Health and medicine, Environment, Societal implications, Careers in nano, Consumer products, Envisioning the future

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