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Michael John Gorman has recently led the development of a new 3D interactive game designed to interest 13- to 15-year-olds in nanotechnology, NanoQuest ( He is currently Senior Manager for Young People's Programmes with the Irish government's science awareness programme Discover Science and Engineering (, and previously worked on projects including SAVE THE ROBOTS, a festival and exhibition of robotic art ( He was Lecturer in Science, Technology and Society at Stanford University for three years and has published widely on the history of science and technology in journals including Nature, Science and Leonardo. Gorman has held fellowships at MIT's Dibner Institute, Harvard University, and the Museum of History of Science in Florence, and holds a B.A. in physics and philosophy from Oxford University and a PhD in History of Science from the European University Institute in Florence. His most recent book is Buckminster Fuller, Designing for Mobility (Skira, 2005).

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