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Hello NISE network!

My name is Michael Tang, and I am an undergraduate studying Nanoengineering at the University of California, San Diego. I am also a research assistant in the Lab of Energy Storage and Conversion (LESC) at UCSD. My main research interest is in research of how to manufacture nanomaterials. I am interested in the molecular assemblage of nanosystems using controlled chemical reactions. Aside from molecular assemblage, I am interested in research on the design of nanosystems that cover energy storage and conversion.I have participated in research about biomolecular devices, particularly a biosensing device using DNA/RNA oligotides.

A personal goal that I want to achieve is helping kids like my little brother get through their difficulty in math or science. I know that my little brother likes to learn about science as he loves to read about the planets and watch videos on chemical reactions. But science also requires a good math background as well, which he struggles with; and I know he is not the only kid who struggles to love math. I hope to one day show kids the coolness of discovering or inventing new nanomaterials through the use of math and science.

Hope I get to know more about the NISE network! :)


Technology tools and applications, Careers in nano, Consumer products

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