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I've been at the Exploratorium since 1982. Over the years, I have written extensively about scientific principles for both adults and children. I specialize in translating complex ideas into everyday language for magazine articles, books, Web sites, and exhibit graphics. At the Exploratorium, I have also managed a variety of projects, serving as principal investigator on two NSF-funded projects (The Science Explorer and the Math Explorer) and co-directing the museum's Learning Tools department. I have authored or co-authored nine nonfiction books for children and adults, edited the Exploratorium's quarterly magazine for 12 years, and served as developmental editor on a variety of projects. In recent years, I have made the transition from print publications to Web-based work, managing the creation of the Exploratorium's Global Climate Change Research Explorer in 2002. I received my degree in biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz in 1976, and I am currently enrolled in San Francisco State University's MBA program.

When I'm not writing about science for the Exploratorium, I write science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories. My work has won a few awards, including the Nebula Award (presented by the Science Fiction Writers of America) and the World Fantasy Award. A Publishers Weekly review of my most recent novel, Adventures in Time and Space with Max Merriwell, called the book "cerebral equivalent of a roller-coaster ride," which made me very happy.

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