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Scott Snibbe has been creating public interactive media exhibits since 1995 and is recognized as one of the field's pioneers. His studio, Sona Research, focuses on works that allow people to directly interact with projections using their bodies. The pieces allow kids to use their most comfortable form of interaction — play — to engage with topics they might otherwise find boring or overly complex. These works create strong emotionally positive reactions in the viewer; they foster a social sense of interdependence; and at their best, they become a part of a child's memory and experience that guides them towards positive ways of interacting with the world, and a sense of the extraordinary possibilities of existence. Snibbe has created installations for San Francisco's Exploratorium, the London Science Center, the New York Hall of Science, the California Science Center, the Science Museum of Minnesota, the Cite de Science (Paris) and Phaeno Wolfsburg (Germany).

Snibbe was born in 1969 in New York City. He holds Bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Fine Art, and a Master's in Computer Science from Brown University. Snibbe studied experimental animation at the Rhode Island School of Design and his films have been widely shown internationally. From 1994 to 2001, Snibbe worked at Adobe Systems and Interval Research in various research and development positions, notably making seminal contributions to Adobe After Effects. In 2001 he established Sona Research to distribute his interactive media to museums and public institutions worldwide. He has been awarded over a dozen patents for interactive media technologies and has taught media art and experimental film at Brown University, The San Francisco Art Institute, The Rhode Island School of Design, and UC Berkeley. Snibbe's studio is based in San Francisco with satellite offices in London, Los Angeles and Rhode Island.

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