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Timothy McGee


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Tim is a leading biologist and design consultant integrating the fields of biology, design, engineering and business to create regenerative systems, products, and services that revitalize our relationship to the living world. Working as a senior Biologist at the Design Table (BaDT) with the Biomimicry Guild, Tim has consulted for a wide range of industries; from tackling challenges in aerospace for Boeing, to developing master plans for cities with HOK. Tim has recently worked in charrettes with IDEO to help design strategies for increasing organizational information exchange within the US Green Building Council, and with the Rocky Mountain Institute to understand the issues and concepts that will help bring down the total cost of installed solar PV arrays. Tim speaks regularly to industry and academia about biomimicry, using his deep knowledge of how nature makes materials and interest in crossing disciplinary boundaries to engage and empower others to see the world through a new perspective.


Nanoscale phenomena, Technology tools and applications, Environment, Information technology, Energy, Societal implications, Envisioning the future

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