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Troy Livingston


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North Carolina


As a representative of a medium-sized science center, I like to think that we represent the voice of small-medium sized science centers within the NISENET administration as part of the PI+ group.

As Vice President for Innovation and Learning at the Museum of Life and Science I am charged broadly with fostering a culture of innovation across the Museum, and therefore, across divisions and departments, where people set out to create, to experiment, to inspire, and to build on new ideas. In order to do this, I work to form innovation networks inside and outside the Museum.

My more specific charges are to:

1. Lead our efforts to create and nurture partnerships with industry, academia and the ISI world that grow our resources and extend our capability to deliver our mission.

2. Lead our effort to win and deliver successful federal grant funded projects.

3. Lead time-limited projects identified by the CEO to be of strategic importance to the Museum--this year for example, re-engineering our membership program to assist us in fulfilling a new mission that focuses on the life-long learner.


Nanoscale phenomena, Data visualization, Technology tools and applications, Health and medicine, Environment, Information technology, Energy, Societal implications, Safety, Economics, Consumer products, Envisioning the future

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