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NanoDays 2019
Catherine McCarthy, Science Museum of Minnesota

Many partners have shared images of their NanoDays 2019 events on social networking.

We have gathered just a few of many images shared by partners highlighting the different ways partners continue to use NanoDays kits and resources to engage the public.


Nanostructures: Nature vs. Engineering and the Nano Exhibit
Brad Herring, Museum of Life and Science

On certain Saturdays throughout the year the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC, hosts local scientists in The Lab to show off some of their most recent research. For the entire month of February we partnered with Dr...

Catherine McCarthy, Science Museum of Minnesota


In June 2016, the NISE Network shipped a box of printed and digital materials to selected active NISE Network partner museums and universities located in the United States.The NISE Network leadership wants to thank partner organizations for your involvement with the Nanoscale Informal Science...

Montana State University NanoDays / MicroDays

Suzi Taylor, Extended University, Montana State University – Bozeman

Apologies for the REO Speedwagon earworm, but it’s been fun to see how we at Montana State University can continue hosting…and even growing…our NanoDays program now that the 10-year NSF-funded program has ended. 


Our 2016...


Brad Herring, Museum of Life and Science and Frank Kusiak, Lawrence Hall of Science

How do you go from doing NanoDays in the US to holding NanoDays in Beijing, China? 

The story starts simply enough.  While facilitating activities at NanoDays 2015 in the Museum of Science, Boston, Pei Zhang was inspired by what she...

Jayatri Das, The Franklin Institute, and NISE Network Mid-Atlantic Regional Hub Leader

In her position as Program Director for Education and Outreach at Penn State University’s Center for Nanoscale Science, Kristin Dreyer’s initiatives reach a wide range of audiences. For NanoDays 2015, she planned three different events. First, she coordinated...


Ali Jackson

We've gotten some great press and social media coverage of NanoDays events around the country this year. Below are a few highlights!

NanoDays on social media (search #NanoDays)


Christina Akers


Oh no! It’s after NanoDays and your office looks like this! 

So many boxes, so little time! Tape is so sticky, and cardboard is a deathtrap for dry hands! But thanks to the latest in Nano-kit-storage-technology, you can turn...

NanoDays logo
Ali Jackson

Many thanks to all NISE Network partners who participated in local NanoDays events nationwide!

You can tell us about your NanoDays 2015 event by filling out the NanoDays online report:

Thank you for participating in NanoDays!

We ask that partners...

NanoDays at Purdue

Catherine McCarthy

NanoDays promotional and marketing materials include a sample press release you can customize for your institution, promotional 30-second video, logos, clip art, and photos (these were included in your physical kit). We’ve also included  icons if you want to put a link...