Blog: Partner Highlights

Charles Gibson, Director of Outreach
In mid-July, the 23rd annual GLOBE meeting took place in Detroit just a few miles from the Michigan Science Center (MiSci). MiSci had spent months planning Apollo 11 50th Anniversary programs between July 16th-20th, from the Global Rocket Launch Challenge...
Alicia Morgan, Vice President of Education and Programs
The Frontiers of Flight Museum’s “Moon Day” in Dallas celebrates the past, present, and future of space flight and has become the largest annual space-themed exposition in Texas. Moon Day was established in 2009 by the Museum, in collaboration with the National Space Society of North Texas, as a family-oriented annual event on the Saturday closest to the anniversary of the first Moon landing. This year, the Museum’s 10th Anniversary Moon Day focused on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission and was held on July 20th—the exact date of the first landing on the Moon.
tag! Children’s Museum, St. Augustine, Florida
When Michele Wiles, Director of Play and Discovery for the emerging Children’s Museum of St. Augustine spearheaded our partnership with NISE Network last winter, it paved the way for bringing truly unique STEAM-based learning experiences to our community. From our first Exploring Earth and Space family workshop event to an event for Big Brothers Big Sisters and their littles, the Earth & Space toolkit has brought enthusiasm and new partnerships into our emerging children's museum and community.
Dr. Anna Cavinato, Eastern Oregon University, La Grande, OR
When the Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society (Chemistry Club) received the NISE Net's Explore Science: Let’s Do Chemistry kit in September of 2018, it was like early Christmas! The Eastern Oregon University (EOU) Chemistry Club has a long standing tradition of bringing hands-on science activities to the local community and the region. We are located in the northeastern corner of Oregon, in a largely rural area where often schools have limited resources to provide lab-based activities, and the kit seemed immediately the perfect match for our outreach events.
Claire Flynn, STEM Initiatives Program Director, Long Island Children’s Museum
Through the Sustainability Fellowship program, Long Island Children’s Museum created a Milkweed Garden and offers programming that allows visitors to participate in the the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project, a citizen science project based at the University of Minnesota. I chose this project because I wanted to create an experience that involved our visitors in citizen science and gave them a way to consider how climate change is affecting our local community.
Felipe Pena, Executive Director, Children's Museum of Brownsville
The Sun, Earth, Universe exhibition has been a great addition to the Children’s Museum of Brownsville ! Although there was an initial challenge of how to fit it into our existing space, which is a bit odd in dimension, the...
Dave Laubenthal, Director of Creative Services, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)
Like most hands-on museums, OMSI ends up with a backlog of older exhibits that still have value but don’t have a current place in our galleries. As a result, they languish in dark corners, outbuildings, closets, rented storage spaces, and...
Catherine McCarthy, Science Museum of Minnesota
Many partners have shared images of their Explore Science: Earth & Space 2019 events and activities on social networking. Many of these activities were incorporated into Earth Day, Earth Week, and Chemists Celebrate Earth Week events. We have gathered just...
Max Cawley, Museum of Life and Science
In the fall of 2018, the Museum of Life and Science ran a pilot afterschool program called Teen Cosmos Collective; a series aimed at building science communication skills, space content knowledge, and science literacy and identity. This 10-week program recruited...
Catherine McCarthy, Science Museum of Minnesota
Many partners have shared images of their NanoDays 2019 events on social networking. We have gathered just a few of many images shared by partners highlighting the different ways partners continue to use NanoDays kits and resources to engage the...