Calling all scientists, engineers, artists, designers, and creative thinkers

Vrylena Olney

The Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland is organizing an exhibit and festival "exploring nanotechnology and its implications for our future," and they're looking for ideas and proposals. They say they want proposals from "scientists, engineers, artists, designers, and creative thinkers," which sounds a lot like the NISE Net community to me.

The deadline for ideas and proposals is May 15th, which is just around the corner. The festival is Sept. 25 - Oct. 3, and the exhibition will be up Sept. 9 through Dec. 18th.

Here's what they say on their website about the exhibition:

"Focused on the dreams, nightmares, possibilities and achievements of this broadly interdisciplinary field, the exhibition will explore what it means to act in a realm we can never directly see and to consider how our emerging science and technology is enmeshed with some of our deepest hopes and fears."

And here's what they're looking for:

"We want your suggestions and ideas for events, speakers, debates, films, workshops, live experiments performances, competitions, exhibits, interactive installations and demonstrations exploring nanotechnology, its applications and implications. Suggestions may be based on previously existing projects or may be a new proposal specifically for NANO. We are also very interested in hearing from you about people and projects you think we should contact or include even if you are not directly involved. Please send initial ideas and suggestions to"

And thank you, Greta, for sending me the link!