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Chat online with other NISE Network partners using the Explore Science: Earth & Space toolkits online Ryver forum

August 2, 2019

Jeff Nee, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Have you received an Explore Science: Earth and Space toolkit or are you using the digital version of the toolkit? If so, the NISE Network is partnering with the Museum Alliance to moderate a new Ryver forum space to allow our Earth and Space partners to connect, communicate, and collaborate with each other online.

You can think of Ryver as a free, on-demand, online conference with your peers. The NISE Network’s Earth and Space partners have great questions and advice on toolkit activities, community resource sharing, and institutional planning - so let’s all chat.

Take part in topical discussions, meet new people, and connect with old friends who share common goals, challenges, and interests. It’s available whenever you’re free, and all with customized notification settings so you don’t clog your increasingly inundated inbox. 


If you are interested in joining the conversations, here’s the registration link for the Explore Science: Earth & Space toolkit forum.

And to help you get started quickly, there is a custom 2 minute video tutorial just for you, which includes important notification settings instructions.


If you have any questions about connecting to or using Ryver, please contact Jeff Nee at For questions related to NISE Network Explore Science: Earth and Space forum discussions, feel free to reach out to your Regional Hub Leader



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