DragonflyTV Nano

Vrylena Olney

Jasmine and Melinda beneath a nasturtium leaf umbrella

DragonflyTV, the PBS science show for 'tweens, recently finished six new episodes of DragonflyTV Nano.

The season, featuring real kids conducting inquiry-based investigations, was filmed at a number of NISE Net partner sites. If you received a NanoDays kit, you probably already received a DVD of the season and an Educator's Guide. If not, you can check out the individual segments online at here. The Dragonfly TV Nano website also has games and short activities, along with an Educator's Guide filled with hands-on activities that accompany each segment. Finally, full half hour episodes are available for streaming on PBS Kids Go/video/.

Special thanks to the ever-fabulous Lisa Regalla, Science Editor for Dragonfly TV, NEO graduate, and former member of the NISE Net programs team.