Evaluation and Research Findings: Communication Study part 3

Eli Bossin

Over the past year, the evaluation team has been conducting A Study of Communication in the NISE Network (Network Communication Study) to learn about how the Network's primary communication components, NanoDays, face-to-face meetings, the regional hub structure, and the nisenet.org website, are being used by actively involved partners. We'll be highlighting different findings from the study - such as the bulleted points below - over the next few months in our Featured Finding section, and you can also read the whole report at http://www.nisenet.org/ncs.

  • Featured Finding:

    Actively involved NISE Net partners especially value Network components that allow for communication between partners and across the Network, such as face-to-face meetings and the regional hub structure.

We're excited that partners are interested in sharing their work with the Network and are looking to create more opportunities for partners to do so in future years. In the meantime, if you have done something that you would like to share in the Nano Bite, please get in touch with Eli Bossin at [email protected].