A Guide to Building Partnerships between Science Museums and University-Based Research Centers

Karine Thate


How can your institution get resources and funding for sharing current science with your visitors?

Find out with A Guide to Building Partnerships Between Science Museums and University-Based Research Centers.  This guide is meant to help you move your science museum beyond event or project-based collaborations with individual researchers toward more robust and sustained partnerships with university centers of research. Working together, these institutions can create funded education outreach and public engagement partnerships that leverage their respective expertise and resources, while advancing the goals of the funding agencies. It's a win-win for all, especially the prospective audiences.

Written by Carol Lynn Alpert, who has developed multiple long-term museum-research center partnerships at the  Museum of Science, Boston, the guide provides step-by-step advice on planning, developing, funding, and maintaining these education outreach partnerships. This 50-page guide is an updated and consolidated version of the 2010 "Small Steps, Big Impact" guide posted on the web at www.risepartnerguide.org. Helpful for both science museum and research center planners, this 2013 edition is available from the NISE Network catalog as a free 25-page landscape-view PDF download and as a handy 50-page 6x9 printed booklet that was distributed in the recent NanoDays kit. Additional printed booklets can be ordered for $12 including shipping from the Museum of Science, Boston.