Introducing NanoDays: Visualized

Beck Tench

Institutions reporting as of April 23, 2009: 50

Beck Tench, here, your friendly NISE Net Online Community Manager. I'll be blogging NanoDays report results as they come in over the next couple of months and visualizing that data so that we can better understand how NanoDays played out across the country. (By the way, don't forget to submit your report by May 1st to be entered into a drawing for a free ASTC registration and travel stipend.)

Some visualizations will be image-based graphs, some will be interactive, all are fair game for questions, comments and further exploration. If a visualization is interactive, it'll clearly say so. Also, each post will begin, as this one does, with how many institutions are reporting so that you can get an idea of what the data represents and how it's changed.

The first visualization answers the question: What activities were the most popular during NanoDays 2009? With 50 institutions reporting, the top three activities are:

  1. Table top demonstrations/activities (from the kit) - 46 institutions
  2. Table top demonstrations/activities (not from the kit) - 33 institutions
  3. Nano-themed videos - 23 institutions

Click image below to visit a larger, interactive version of the graph (opens in a new window) and then come back here and answer the questions I've asked below.

Questions for those who held kit activities:

  1. Which kit activities will you do again next year?
  2. Which kit demos/activities won't you do again next year? How come?

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