Nano Poetry Boundaries Broken!

Vrylena Olney

I knew the NISE Net was special. But even I did not expect this. Only one day after the Nano Bite e-newsletter went out, I am happy to announce that we have our first ever nano sestina. I am verklempt.

And the special honor of Nano Poet Laureate goes to Anders Liljeholm. Anders has previously contributed shorter poetic works on nano themes to the Nano Bite, but I feel with this sestina, he's able to explore these themes in much more depth. Congratulations Anders.

A Nano Sestina
by Anders Liljeholm

Want to learn about the latest technology?
The big thing now is very small.
Just ride on the elevator
And talk to nanoscientists.
Medical applications are my favorite choice.
It could lead to a cure for cancer.

Of course, nanotechnology could be a cancer
On the environment if we use the wrong technology.
There’s a wrong and a right choice
And the differences can be very small.
We shouldn’t trust the scientists
To on their own take the right elevator.

We might someday take a ride on a space elevator
Wearing nanosunscreen so we don’t get cancer.
It’s not just up to the scientists
What we do with this new technology.
It’s expensive to build something big from things so small
So we all have to participate in the choice.

If I had a choice
I’d go for a ride on the space elevator
From up there the Earth would look so small
Human cities spreading across it like a cancer
Everyday built with new technology
Invented by curious and hardworking scientists.

We have a lot to thank for scientists
They’ve given us a giant choice
Should we take their new technology,
Or toss it down the shaft of an elevator?
It could heal us or give us cancer
Even though it’s very small.

The world today seems rather small.
Every nation has its scientists.
Working on climate change, swine flu and cancer
Hopefully these problems can be solved by choice.
For now we are trapped in a slowly warming elevator.
Created by our own technology.

The planet is made small by our social choice.
Are there better things for scientists to make than a giant elevator?
I hope we don’t get cancer from this new technology.